Ross Worker Proposal 1/6/21 - 1/7/21

Ross Neilson Worker Proposal 1/6/2021-1/7/2021


I was contacted by Melanie via a hackathon and then talked to Martin about contributing to Mesa. Initially, mesa was looking for a full-time lead developer however I am still working full time at my day job which I am currently unable to leave. Because of this, I plan on contributing part-time until I am able to commit to a more full-time position.

I have 3 years of experience building web applications with react, node and related technologies and a general financial understanding from past work experience. I have also been interested in and learning about crypto for the past couple of years and so plan to work as a web3 developer in the space.


1 month


  • Work on outstanding issues to get mesa ready to release the mesa MVP pre-production version.
  • Once MVP is released I will work to further implement additional features to mesa beyond basic sale mechanisms.
  • Learn more about how DXdao and DAOs in general operate


  • Collaboration with the existing mesa team to fully understand the application and create an intuitive user experience


Experience level: 3

Time commitment: Part-time trial period - Since I am part time I will be completing the trial period over 1 month / 40 hours whichever comes first and then I will make a proposal for the next 2 month period part time at 10-20 hours per week. This has been discussed with Martin and Melanie. The next proposal will have more detailed information on my responsibilities and more accurate predictions of my hours per week. I will be tracking these hours with Martin and the mesa team on a weekly basis.

Salary - Calculated from full time 40hr week at trial 50% rate:

  • $750 DAI for trial period ($1500 * 50%)
  • 0.96 DXD for trial period (1.91 * 50%) in a vesting contract continuously for two years with a one year cliff when the work agreement finishes (1/7/21)
  • 325.8 REP for trial period (651.6 * 50%)

Work experience:

3+ years as a full stack web developer at JP Morgan

Won polygon NFT prize at 0xHack hackathon



Thank you Ross!

Ross already started to contribute and is a good addition to the team:


Ross has settled in well, and he’s been working well with the team.


Ross did finish his trial (40h) and by adding value for mesa every hour.

Here is a short report what he worked on in this time:

We will work on his regular proposal next!

His payment for this time is up on alchemy, give this man a vote: