Ross Neilson Worker Proposal 18/8/2022-18/10/2022


A lot of things have been coming together in the past months and I feel like every week I have been making improvements to how the team works and what the project looks like.

We really do have a lot coming out publically soon and once we finish up the current feature freeze and get some basic branding you will be hearing and seeing a lot more of DAVI.

Paris was a lot of fun, good to see conferences still feel mostly the same despite market conditions. Not having a ticket certainly felt different but it was good to focus on side events also. Was good to meet up with a lot of people including the Orbis guys, and our event was great definitely something we should continue.

Super excited for Colombia towards the end of this period!


  • Get DAVI into people’s hands for feedback

  • Release guilds leading with swpr guilds - coordinate with swapr and dxvoice

    • Social media build up educating people around what guilds solves and improves
    • Decision on plans for swapr guild’s powers
  • Coordinate with Dirk and DXvoice to establish a brand for DAVI

    • Use branding to release articles and education about DAVI
  • Architect cross DAO voting and deploy DXD guild depending on feedback from holders (DXD Voting power - Guilds & 2.0)

  • Have last governance 1.5 contracts sent off to audit

    • If back in time then plan and deploy DXdao parallel
  • Architect and begin work on DAVI supporting DXdao’s parallel deployment with a subgraph

  • Further partnerships

  • Onboard more contributors to use IPFS propagator to decentralise our storage solutions

    • If time is found then further work on v2 and dappnode package
  • During Colombia and the retreat I want to take some time with Augusto and others to flesh out a detailed technical specification of Gov 2.0 before we work on the voting machine

  • Support Colombia efforts and market DAVI in Devcon


  • Communicate and ensure DAVI’s development is transparent and clear to all
  • Balancing project lead responsibilities with development work (trying to reduce development and delegate better)
  • Leading DXgov calls and representing the project in DXdao calls
  • Coordinating between different teams in DXdao for guilds and feature requests, etc
  • Ensuring the team contributors are all happy, enjoying their work and reaching their potential
  • Providing a transparent look into what the DXgov team is working on and achieving
  • Managing project and sprints to ensure the team is moving forward in the most efficient and prioritised way to deliver our goals
  • Long-term thinking about what DXgov will be and build
  • Taking an overall large part in the direction of DXdao and voicing my opinion on topics even if it goes against the current flow and path of least resistance

Reflection on last worker period:

Did well:

  • Contracts off to audit - The main goal was finishing off the guild audit and although we don’t have the report back yet the contracts are back to Sigma with all the fixes. It was also nice receiving some good feedback on the format we handed it back to them in - read here. Obviously, this directly blocks the release of guilds since we don’t have the report back yet.
  • DXD guild - Although the post only went up recently a lot of time was put into the article to bring the idea of a DXD guild to DXD holders. I’m hopeful this will provide a meaningful way for DXD holders to voice and enact their opinions in an autonomous way.
  • Documentation/Planning - Still really just a start but I ended up using DXgov’s notion a lot more this period with a total of 12 new posts covering documentation and planning. I still dont think many people read this but it is at least for me a better way of getting ideas onto paper and collecting them into one place. I did also advertise a few in general chats to get thoughts. In particular, I was very happy with some of the planning I got onto paper around DAVI revenue
  • Budget - I took quite a good amount of time looking at DXgov’s budget and I think the work done should help much better give an idea of where DXdao is investing resources. Coming out relatively small in comparison was nice to see and I think we are managing to do some pretty great work considering our budget. The forward-looking budget was made trying to be realistic but also limiting expansion due to market conditions.
  • QA - QA’s role in DXgov is growing and I cant really take much credit as it has been Phillip and Milan putting in the work but it is great to see the processes grow and I am sure having QA will greatly increase the quality of DAVI.
  • DXgov team - Although this isn’t pointing to anything directly nor is it even something I can take all or anything near all the credit for, the team has been working SUPER well recently. We have been crushing each sprint, increasing story points completed, improving processes, devs working on smart contracts and getting very close to being able to show you all our hard work.
  • Took a holiday! - I think I have done a pretty good job handling work life balance and taking breaks recently and have been really happy with the results. I find myself more efficient with my time and very far from burnout.

Did ok:

  • DAVI’s place in DXgov and DXdao - I think I am now at the point where I have a solid understanding of what DAVI is and what it can be. But the reason this is just ok is that everyone needs to understand this and right now I think everything DXgov is working on is still pretty confusing. I hope to fix this once we get branding of DAVI sorted, can put out more articles and get the app into people’s hands.

  • Partnerships - We got a connection to a couple of more teams interested in what we are building so continuing to build out those relationships and future integrations. In addition, followed up with some previous connections. Having DAVI live should help with demos and actually getting people on board.

  • IPFS solutions - I developed a small tool (GitHub - DXgovernance/ipfs-cluster-propagator) for us to propagate our own IPFS data across DAO contributors. As an initial proof of concept, I think it is pretty awesome and a good way for us to utilise decentralised hardware to benefit the DAO. But it needs more people to use it, so still a work in progress. As a side note with the help of Federico and Madusha we have come up with a super awesome concept for a v2 :eyes:

  • DXdao 1.5 - We are making big progress towards the contracts being ready for a new parallel DXdao deployment but I didn’t get to spend as much time as I wanted planning out how we are going to handle things on the DAVI side. With how timelines are now I think it is likely we will go with a simple subgraph and tackle the backup cache architecture later.

Could have done better:

  • Writing - I had a bunch of help on the DXD guild article and I am so grateful for that. But I also really want to work more on my own writing style and improve on how I go about polishing the pieces. I think I tend to write in a very personal style and I dont think it works for more structured pieces like this.
    Timeframe: 2 months

Compensation: Level 6

Salary -

I will be receiving my funds via DevX AG and as such proposals will transfer stablecoins to an address other than my own.

I also did not transfer any stablecoins on my last two proposals due to not knowing what the process with DevX AG would look like and so I may combine those past payments in this proposal.

1st month -

$8000 DAI

$6000 DXD

0.1667% REP

2nd month:

$8000 DAI

$6000 DXD

0.1667% REP