Ross Neilson Worker Proposal 18/6/2022-18/8/2022


The last worker period feels like it really flew past, moving back to Lisbon finally likely had something to do with it. We got a lot done though with a major focus on refactors that we managed to complete. The discussion and eventual splitting up our applications into DXvote-legacy and Project-DAVI is also something I am super pleased about (DXgov Q2ish Report & Update). I’m still super excited about what we have coming up soon, although it feels like there are new obstacles every day.

I’ll likely be taking some time off in July after Paris as my girlfriend is back in Europe, this will of course be reflected in the second half of my payments.


  • Get the addressed code back for the final audit
  • Release guilds, leading with swpr guilds - coordinate with swapr and dxvoice
    • Social media build up educating people around what guilds solves and improves
  • Further architect data fetching in DAVI for DXdao governance (subgraph+cache)
  • Further detail and document plans for DXgov
  • Further partnerships
  • Explore storage solutions to further decentralise our ipfs/pinata reliance and support better social layer UX
  • Set a 6 month budget for DXgov
  • Hire one more senior frontend developer
  • Ensure DXvote-Legacy is more stable
  • Network in Paris and further educate about what DXdao and DXgov are building and why it is awesome


  • Managing DXvote-Legacy stability and DAVI development
  • Balancing project lead responsibilities with development work (trying to reduce development while still adding value)
  • Leading DXvote calls and representing the project in DXdao calls
  • Coordinating between different teams in DXdao for guilds and feature requests, etc
  • Ensuring the team contributors are all happy, enjoying their work and reaching their potential
  • Providing a transparent look into what the DXgov team is working on and achieving
  • Managing project and sprints to ensure the team is moving forward in the most efficient and prioritised way to deliver our goals
  • Long term thinking about what DXgov will be and build
  • Taking an overall large part in the direction of DXdao

Reflection on last worker period:

Did well:

  • Refactoring - A major focus of this period was refactoring our new UI into something more modular and better written that could support multiple governance contracts with the same UI and great UX. We did a lot of work planning this and I am really pleased with the discussions we had as a team and the end result. We have a clear file structure, well abstracted code, unit test and even storybook.
  • Onboarding - During the last period, DXgov onboarded another developer, Dino. He has super smoothly onboarded and already is adding great value to the team. Although admittedly I cannot take all the credit for this one.
  • Documenting - Documentation of everything DXgov is doing I feel has been far better, the notion is now back in a state I am happy with and fewer conversations and decisions are being made in keybase chats.
  • Project-DAVI - Splitting up our applications into DAVI and DXvote-legacy I believe will help a lot with people’s understanding and eventual branding of DAVI into a real product. Despite being something we should maybe have done from the start I am happy we made the decision.
  • Partnerships - I have been in talks with a couple of teams both about technology we can utilise in DAVI for the social layer as well as potential users of the governance we are building, both of which will be important for DXgov.

Did ok:

  • Planning - I think overall I have been putting more time into planning DXgov and steering it in the right direction but there is still so much I feel I could do here. The Q2 report is likely the most obvious example of this and something I want to do more of to improve transparency and accountability.
  • QA - We began onboarding QA into DXgov only recently but I still think I should be spending some more time here.

Could have done better:

  • Time management - I had this issue previously a few months ago where I felt like I was being very reactive to issues as they occurred and not making much headroom with other tasks. I managed to get better at this for a while but feel more and more like I am slipping back into working like this. Selecting a single task to work on and getting back into note-taking I think should help concentrate my mind and prevent me from context switching around a million issues.

Timeframe: 2 months

Compensation: Level 6

Salary -

I will be receiving my funds via devx the new service provider we have partnered with and as such proposals may not transfer funds as it is still being set up.

1st month -

$8000 DAI

$6000 DXD

0.1667% REP

2nd month:

$8000 DAI

$6000 DXD

0.1667% REP