Ross Neilson Worker Proposal 18/2/2022-18/4/2022

Ross Neilson Worker Proposal 18/2/2022-18/4/2022


This proposal is starting right over EthDenver making it a little awkward timing as I’m sure there will be lots to add to this after the week.

Work over the last period went very well on DXgov focused on guilds with some setbacks in regards to the exected launch date mostly due to outside issues regarding audits. Denver should be an important time for the team with lots of us here together and a lot of things to discuss around gov 2.0 implementation and the audit interim report as well as generally improving the development workflow for smart contracts.

Hopefully over this next worker period we will have the opportunity to test and fully prepare for the eventual audit report and SWPR launch.


  • Help oversee the fixes and full audit of DXvote contracts
  • Have users test and provide feedback on guilds
  • Use guilds for a few testing use cases (ms replacement, initiative dao etc)
  • Depending on audit progress, release swpr guild (if audit not ready then at least be ready with development work)
  • Begin work on the next part of the 2022 roadmap - DXvote 1.1 starting refactor and major redesigns to match the guild level of UX in our main governance application
  • Onboarding new developers and allowing for current developers to continue growing and honing their craft on DXgov
  • Further spread discussion and awareness on what DXgov is doing - EthDenver and beyond


  • Manage releases and cache updates for DXgov products
  • Balancing project lead responsibilities with development work
  • Leading DXvote calls and representing the project in DXdao calls
  • Moving DXvote product development in the right direction according to roadmap and requirements
  • Limit bugs and production problems as much as possible
  • Coordinating between different teams in DXdao for guilds and feature requests, etc
  • Managing project and sprints to ensure the team is moving forward in the most efficient and prioritised way to deliver our goals
  • Constant discussion and thinking through what certain decisions could mean for gov 2.0 and the governance dynamic after&during release
  • Taking an overall large part in the direction of DXdao

Reflection on last worker period:

As expected the last worker period of mine was a little bit of an interesting time. We of course had the holidays which I was mostly working over and then I spent a lot of time moving to Lisbon.

Did well:

  • Keeping up with everything - Despite having a busy time moving countries I think I still did a decent job of keeping on top of all my usual tasks and dont think much was really affected as I found time to work at close to my usual hours
  • Taking a break - With moving to Lisbon my girlfriend also had a chance to come over to visit and have not seen her in over a year I took a week off. I was glad to be able to actually keep myself away from work and since I put more work in the previous week everything was prepared for DXgov to continue working smoothly.
  • Progress on guilds - I’m really pleased with how work is continuing on guilds and we made a lot of leaps in this time period. We went through a few iterations of …
  • Recap presentation -
  • Documentation - Although not live as of right now, there will be a large update to DXdocs soon that will include a large amount of DXgov documentation which I spent a good amount of time compiling. This should act as a good resource to point community members to as well as helping faster onboard new contributors to the DXgov team.
  • DXgov esports - Although Dave did all the heavy lifting with this it was nice to be along for the ride and help brainstorm the huge potential the Copenhagen flames sponsorship
  • Finally, after it being a note in my proposals for essentially the entirety of my time at DXdao, I finally have made a merged change into some smart contracts. Although I have actually been gaining a lot of confidence in solidity simply by understanding guilds and the governance contracts, actually writing changes was a good way of putting it into practice and hopefully, I can do some more changes to come.

Did ok:

  • DXvote maintenance - We have kept up with fairly regular updates and releases to DXvote despite it not being the main focus of most of the team whilst guilds have been in development. There have still been a few bugs and issues occurring but I think they have been relatively well dealt with all things considered. However, I am looking forward to having guilds shipped and being able to allocate more resources to DXvote 1.1.

Could have done better:

  • I’m sad we weren’t able to do much to be able to help Lulli stay contributing to DXgov as he is an amazing developer but hopefully he will be able to return in a few months.
  • Wallet schemes - The ongoing saga of getting wallet schemes working on xdai has been a somewhat tiring one with a good few bumps along the way. Due to the timing of the interim audit report, we have decided to further postpone the use of the new architecture on gnosis chain since it will need redeployment once issues have been addressed. Not without benefit though, this experience has raised a lot of problems with our development process that we will soon be fixing.

Timeframe: 2 months

Compensation: Level 6

Salary -
1st month - 4 days off after Denver 85% (-1 day a month holiday)
$6800 DAI
$5100 DXD
0.142% REP

2nd month:
$8000 DAI
$6000 DXD
0.1667% REP


Reflection on last worker period:

Did well:

  • Development on guilds is coming to completion. We now have the majority of major features complete with just a few final additions.

  • Smart contract development - With the help of @AugustoL we now have most of the team actively contributing to smart contract development. Improving processes and reliance on one developer as well as being on track to get dxvote and guilds contracts away for audit. Still a way to go but an amazing start.

  • Reflecting & improving - Coming out of Denver we had a lot of recent changes in contributors to the team I don’t think I was working very effectively, feeling a little overwhelmed and scatterbrained. With the help of the entire team, we had incredibly constructive retrospectives on how we work with great suggestions around the availability of information, sprints, discussions and more. After taking time to focus on how to fix this and chatting with other Project managers (thanks @Zett and @0xVenky) I think I have come out more able to manage DXgov and the team has been doing a great job.

  • DXgov features - There have been some features I had thought out quite some time ago for DXgov’s products that could help set it apart from the competition and the iteration and execution of these with the team have been super exciting to see. I really can’t wait to demo all of these to you shortly.

    • Proposal creation UX - The first was an expansion of the ENS ownership idea to more configurations, the main one being a rich data configuration for contracts meaning that we can provide a far greater user experience for people creating proposals than is possible with just the solidity data as a lot of expertise goes into understanding and creating proposals.
    • Social layer - The next is the social layer of governance that has been long dreamed of by many in DXdao and with the recent recruitment of @CarlB who came to us via Denver’s hackathon it is coming soon. A lot of thought, prototyping and design have been put into this coming feature to make it more than just a forum whilst being as decentralised but usable as possible.
  • Tech planning - The suggestion (I believe from Kenny) to run tech planning sessions was an excellent one and we have had many successful sessions that helped iterate on ideas and spread awareness of future plans. With this way of working we have also started planning in more detail the next step of the roadmap, refactoring. Miro board - Sign up | Miro | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration github discussions - Discussions · DXgovernance/dxvote · GitHub

  • DXDenver - I think at each conference I get better and better at this and this was no exception. It’s always great fun introducing people to DXdao that have no real concept of what real decentralisation actually looks like and what it can do. The hackathon being a huge success and having people come and ask questions on top of what we have built was also super exciting.

Did ok:

  • Public speaking - I did my first public speaking event in Denver on a panel with @Powers and @AugustoL on governance 2.0. I was pretty nervous but thankful to be on a stage with two veterans. We were pretty rushed for time and I was underprepared but I am excited to doing more things like this and improving over time. I was also on a panel for swarm’s online hackathon speaking about governance with some of the most well known early people to the DAO space including Matan, Griff Green and more. Most of the topics went very philosophical but it was a fun experience.
  • DXloan idea - Not made public anywhere but I was working on a proposal for an under collateralized loan for contributors using REP and vested DXD. This is something we have talked about previously but never really moved much with due to it being quite difficult. For now, I think I’m putting it on hold for a variety of reasons but it was a good experience building a proposal and getting great feedback on it.

Could have done better:

  • Transparency - So far guilds have still very much been under wrap with the extent of what others see being the designs at most. Of course, being fully transparent isn’t super simple when the product is being built from the ground up but I think it’s around the time now when we should be getting more feedback, especially as the UI will be reused for DXvote.
  • Onboarding - Although our two new developers, @CarlB and @vangrim, have been doing an incredibly good job I don’t think I can take much credit for it. Partially bad timing with EthDenver as well as me just being a little distracted and unprepared for onboarding more people. There is a lot more I can do to better prepare for future onboarding (although we should be good resource wise for a while).