Ross Neilson Worker Proposal 18/12/2021-18/02/2022

Ross Neilson Worker Proposal 18/12/2021-18/2/2022


Leading the DXgov team has been a lot of fun so far and I feel we are really starting to get into a rhythm with the team and have much more solid plans and vision for the products going forward. The main goals in this period focus around shipping guilds as well as preparing for the next steps with DXvote, and of course supporting the existing production application.

In this period I will also be moving to Lisbon, Portugal! (visa and covid permitting …) so I may be a little more sporadic when I am working but it shouldn’t impact much other than my stress levels :slight_smile: My girlfriend will also hopefully be coming to visit at the beginning of February and so I’ll take a couple of days off (again, covid permitting …)

I also can’t wait to see everyone again in Denver!


  • Reintroduce QWS and contributor proposal UI in xDAI with new comp structure support and get everyone to use it
  • Be in a state where if not fully launched, guilds are at a technical implementation level that is ready for production
  • Help introduce more smart contract work to the DXgov team (SWPR guild development)
  • Develop a more detailed low-level plan for governance 2.0 and begin development work on it
  • Begin work on the next version of DXvote using the newly built guild components and designs to support gov 2.0 (including expansion of ‘proposal types’ for better UX)
  • Continue to flesh out some additional feature concepts for gov 2.0 (POE REP onboard)
  • Complete the first version of DXgov documentation and utilise them to educate and onboard more developers to the team
  • Continue improving sprints and building more secure processes around our production applications
  • EthDenver - Right at the end of my current period but I’ll include it anyway since I can’t wait. Here I wait to build on what I was able to do in Lisbon, bonding with the team and spreading the word of what we at DXgov are building
  • Continued contribution to the running of DXgov Twitter - partaking in more conversations
  • Continue partaking in wider DXdao conversations


  • Manage releases and cache updates for DXgov products
  • Balancing project lead responsibilities with development work
  • Leading DXvote calls and representing the project in DXdao calls
  • Moving DXvote product development in the right direction according to roadmap and requirements
  • Limit bugs and production problems as much as possible
  • Coordinating between different teams in DXdao for guilds and feature requests, etc
  • Managing project and sprints to ensure the team is moving forward in the most efficient and prioritised way to deliver our goals
  • Constant discussion and thinking through what certain decisions could mean for gov 2.0 and the governance dynamic after&during release
  • Taking an overall larger part in the direction of DXdao

Reflection on last worker period

My last worker proposal was created at a time when the DXgov team was still very much in its infancy and since then quite a lot has changed.

Did well:

  • Sprints - Fairly standard at most companies, the agile methodology and sprints is not something I think we have ever properly tried at DXdao and so since November we have been trialling them in DXgov. So far they have been going well with a few kinks and learning experiences, but overall positive. The added structure keeps the team more focused and aligned with our goals while providing more room for feedback and retrospectives on how things are going.
  • EthLisbon&Lessons from Lisbon - The retreat, conferences and conversations I had in Portugal were some of the most important parts of my worker period. I think I represented DXdao far better than I did in Paris. All of this helped me form a more clear vision of where DXgov is going in the future and what we can build. This was summarised in a presentation and later written up in a forum post Lessons from Lisbon re: DXgov
  • State of DXgov - I wrote up the current state of governance in support of the Augur partnership for a high-level introduction to what we are doing. It was received well (400 reads on the forum) thanks to the support of DXvoice and I’m looking forward to writing more articles in this style - The State of DXgov - #2 by chenjiawen1990
  • Augur partnership - Although not something I was super involved with I was happy to be part of the conversation with Augur where we informed them of our governance and what we could build for them now and in the future. Both John and Augusto took the main lead on this. I still feel I was able to provide value and will do more in future.
  • Onboarding - The past 2 months has seen the onboarding process of three new devs into DXgov. Although one didn’t work out I think Lulli and Milton have both been doing fantastically. Despite the very obvious need of better documentation for all parts of DXgov I got good feedback from both and they very quickly adapted and learnt about the project. (documentation is WIP)
  • General understanding - I’ve focused a lot on gaining a deeper understanding of our governance architecture. Focusing mainly on the new DXvote architecture, new wallet schemes and guilds. This is something I am most proud of in the past 2 months as I finally feel confident in many aspects of the architecture and am able to suggest solutions properly utilizing the existing architecture well.
  • Guilds - Long put off in favour of improving DXvote, we have finally begun proper work on guilds. Spurred on by the Augur partnership we have begun focusing on the guilds implementation. Although just beginning I believe the plan of implementing guilds from the ground up with a squad focused on maintainable code and good design and then taking this over to DXvote afterwards will work out well. There has been a lot of learning here also as I haven’t worked with a dedicated designer on a dev team before and although it changed processes a little, Geronimo has been doing great work.
  • DXgov twitter - The idea of this Twitter account was born from talking to people about governance in Lisbon. Having a squad specific Twitter account focused more on documenting the challenges of governance and how we are taking a different approach to most as opposed to promoting a product is an important part of what we are doing with governance. It’s still in its early days and despite going relatively well I think there is still more we could do with this. (finding the right conversation threads was more difficult than expected)

Could have done better:

  • Bugs - As anyone following DXvote you’ll know we have had many issues over the past couple of months regarding bugs. This is almost naturally a bi-product of scaling a team and evolving a production application in the ways that we are. Regardless, a lot can and has been learned here and I’ll be trying to avoid it in future. All the issues have been resolved as quickly as we possibly could and additional processes have been added throughout our product development lifecycle to reduce the risk of these. There is still a lot that can be done in this regard however.
  • Relayer - I mentioned in my previous proposal that this would be something I aim to push along however I had no time for it. As the responsibilities and goals of DXgov increased this fell to the wayside, which although it can’t really be helped it’s still something I could have communicated better that I didn’t have time for.


2 months


Experience level: For work completed from the 18th December - 1st January I will include as level 4 of the previous structure.
After discussing with the other product owners and senior contributors I am planning to go to level 6 on the new structure. I think given my current abilities and responsibilities this level fits best, but I welcome any feedback from others on this decision.

Time commitment: Full time (40 hours /week)

Salary -

My previous proposals were used to test the new wallet scheme and UI in DXvote for automating worker proposals and as such had vesting contracts created for the proposals ending and starting in October. However, due to a bug found in the wallet scheme, this has been temporarily disabled and as such the proposals made on-chain in December will not have vesting contracts created.

After this proposal, I will submit a proposal to claim Eth Mainnet REP, as I haven’t yet, and currently, the only REP I have is on xDAI chain (And my whale REP on arbitrum :P)

Work experience:

Daotalk - Worker proposal 18/10/2021-18/12/2021

Daotalk - Worker proposal 18/8 - 18/10/21

Daotalk - Worker proposal 18/6 - 18/8/21

Daotalk - Trial period worker proposal (Includes introduction)

4 years as a full stack web developer at JP Morgan

Won polygon NFT prize at 0xHack hackathon


I updated my level for the new structure to level 6 after discussing it with the other project leads.

First half:
Previous structure @ lvl 4 18th - 31st Dec = 42% of a month - $2940 DAI + 1.82 DXD
New structure @ lvl 6 1st - 18th Jan = 58% of a month - $4640 + 4.79 DXD at 30 day average price as of 18th Dec
I also made a mistake on my previous proposal where I received $8300 in stable coins due to copying my previous proposal which had stipend added. I will be taking this off my payment this time to document it in a proposal.
Total = $6280 ($7580-1300) DAI + 1.82 DXD 2 year vesting + 4.79 DXD 3 year vesting

Second half:
New structure @ lvl 6 $8000 XDAI + 8.24 DXD 3 year vesting


Since EthDenver is coming up next week when my proposal ends I am trying to get ahead of it to have some more time for working with everyone else in person.

Reflection on last worker period:

As expected the last worker period of mine was a little bit of an interesting time. We of course had the holidays which I was mostly working over and then I spent a lot of time moving to Lisbon.

Did well:

  • Keeping up with everything - Despite having a busy time moving countries I think I still did a decent job of keeping on top of all my usual tasks and dont think much was really affected as I found time to work at close to my usual hours
  • Taking a break - With moving to Lisbon my girlfriend also had a chance to come over to visit and have not seen her in over a year I took a week off. I was glad to be able to actually keep myself away from work and since I put more work in the previous week everything was prepared for DXgov to continue working smoothly.
  • Progress on guilds - I’m really pleased with how work is continuing on guilds and we made a lot of leaps in this time period. We went through a few iterations of
  • Documentation - Although not live as of right now, there will be a large update to DXdocs soon that will include a large amount of DXgov documentation which I spent a good amount of time compiling. This should act as a good resource to point community members to as well as helping faster onboard new contributors to the DXgov team.
  • DXgov esports - Although Dave did all the heavy lifting with this it was nice to be along for the ride and helping brainstorm the huge potential the Copenhagen flames sponsorship
  • Finally after it being a note in my proposals for essentially the entirety of my time at DXdao, I finally have made a merged change into some smart contracts. Although I have actually been gaining a lot of confidence in solidity simply by understanding guilds and the governance contracts, actually writing changes was a good way of putting it into practice and hopefully I can do some more changes to come.

Did ok:

  • DXvote maintenance - We have kept up with fairly regular updates and releases to DXvote despite it not being the main focus of most of the team whilst guilds have been in development. There have still been a few bugs and issues occurring but I think they have been relatively well dealt with all things considered. However, I am looking forward to having guilds shipped and being able to allocate more resources to DXvote 1.1.

Could have done better:

  • I’m sad we weren’t able to do much to be able to help Lulli stay contributing to DXgov as he is an amazing developer but hopefully he will be able to return in a few months.
  • Wallet schemes - The ongoing saga of getting wallet schemes working on xdai has been a somewhat tiring one with a good few bumps along the way. Due to the timing of the interim audit report, we have decided to further postpone the use of the new architecture on gnosis chain since it will need redeployment once issues have been addressed. Not without benefit though, this experience has raised a lot of problems with our development process that we will soon be fixing.

I took a week off towards the end of this period although I worked 2 half days and am taking my 1 holiday a month also so counting that as 85% (3 days/15% off) of the second payment.
I’ll also be requesting my Denver stipend in this proposal also
$6800 + EthDenver($1500+$800+$200) = $9300
7 DXD vested for 3 years and 1 year cliff
1933 REP


Hi @ross please can you give me some info on what is the real connection between DxDAO and Augur? Is that “governance collaboration” active? If it’s active, what is the end goal of that collaboration?
Thank you for answer


Currently, there is no real connection between DXdao and Augur. There were some talks between us for them to use our governance platform but as of most recent discussions, a number of months ago, they likely aren’t going with this strategy. As for what their plans are I’m afraid you’ll need to contact them for that.
From the DXdao side not much has changed since the governance tools and framework we were building is still being built by the DXgov team for us and others.


The project no longer seems to exist, and the DxDAO tweet from 6 months ago was the last mention of Augur.
Thank you for answer