Ross Neilson Worker Proposal 18/10/2021-18/12/2021

Ross Neilson Worker Proposal 18/10/2021-18/12/2021


A lot changed since the beginning of my last proposal to the start of this one yet again, although I suppose that’s not uncommon in this space.

Now with the end of my first full time contributor period finishing I really feel a lot more comfortable working at DXdao and I can certainly say that I have no regrets about diving head first into all of this and although overwhelming, it is likely amongst the best decisions I have ever made, so far at least.

This worker period is being proposed from the perspective of me working full time as project lead on the DXgovernance developer squad and DXvote. I think @Geronimo said it best in Lisbon where he mentioned the dynamic we seem to have with hybrid roles, so even although my role may be project lead, I will still very much be focusing on developer work as well as all the other responsibilities I have picked up.

After reaching out to multiple people across DXdao for feedback I am including in this proposal an increase from level 3 → level 4.

When I began at DXdao I decided based on the level descriptions that my technical skills would put me at level 3 due to my lack of experience with web3 development. Although I haven’t yet focused on solidity development, I frequently have had to deep dive into contracts, implement them in a UI and as a result, gained a lot more experience and understanding of web3 software development.

Also, the additional responsibilities I’ve managed to acquire in my time here I think can justify the step up to a level 4 contributor. The main responsibility of course being as a project lead but in addition, I also have tried my best to help out wherever I could in the dao (Swapr redeployment, etc) as well as partaking in higher-level direction and architectural discussions.


  • Along with the DXgov dev team I aim to complete most of phase 1 of the DXvote roadmap in this period
  • Begin work on SWPR & DXD guilds
  • Improve DXvote UX to the level of everyone in DXdao being able to confidently do what they need
  • Further explore the possibility of migrating buybacks to Aqua via a new relayer
  • Continue learning and strengthening my knowledge of web3 development - maybe diving more into sol development and deployments
  • Post a write-up and reflection on parts of Aqua I learned from
  • ETHLisbon - I want to take a larger part in representing DXdao at our next in person event. Also of course getting to know everyone even better.
  • Begin planning longer term goals and vision of DXvote and governance in general


  • Balancing project lead responsibilities with development work
  • Leading DXvote calls and representing the project in DXdao calls
  • Moving DXvote product development in the right direction according to roadmap and requirements
  • Coordinating between different teams in DXdao for guilds and feature requests, etc
  • Managing project and prioritising issues on github and ensuring work is being done on most relevant issues
  • Constant discussion and thinking through what certain decisions could mean for gov 2.0 and the governance dynamic after&during release
  • Taking an overall larger part in the direction of DXdao

Self Reflection on previous worker proposal:

I’ll split this into two main parts, Aqua and DXgov dev.


Did well:

  • Wrapped up the project with v0.1.1 release
  • Overall project direction before being put to sleep
  • Team efficiency at the end of Aqua I feel was very high and everyone was working very effectively towards our goal with good communication

Improve on:

  • Communication - With the timing of re-prioritisation happening during the swapr redeployment to arbitrum which I helped out with I feel I could have done a better job communicating what was happening with Aqua and the project in general. Since the product was not live there was no real need for it, but I think there should still be some communication around this.

DXgov dev

Did well:

  • Notion - Along with setting up meetings etc I created a notion to keep track of more project management work (message for write access)
  • DXvote load times - One of the issues I was super happy I managed to get fixed was load times in DXvote. Since it was one of the major UX issues vs alchemy getting local caching working and optimising loading to be just as good as alchemy in the best case was great.
  • Roadmap / Attack plan - Augusto and I spent a good amount of time discussing the various tasks required for gov 2.0 as well as DXvote improvements and built a roadmap from this which was shared and explained on a few calls

Did ok:

  • Team migration - I’m glad we kept the Aqua aquad but overall I think there was some transition time and I think I could have done this better
  • Took a holiday - and only checked keybase a few times a day …

Improve on:

  • So far on PM in DXvote I dont feel I’ve been able to make a super big impact on direction or long term vision, which is perhaps to be expected from a new project team, but something I want to improve on


2 months


Experience level: 4

Time commitment: Full time (40 hours /week)

Salary -

1st month

  • $7000 XDAI
  • ($5000) DXD in a vesting contract continuously for two years with a one year cliff
  • 2788.7 REP

2nd month

  • $8400 ($7000 + $800 daily stipend + $300 flight stipend + $200 LisCon ticket) XDAI
  • ($5000) DXD in a vesting contract continuously for two years with a one year cliff
  • 2215 REP

The calculator for getting DXD is currently broken. However, I will be creating my next proposals in the new DXvotrer UX flow for contributor proposals which will automatically calculate this so will update after that.
Its actually a great time for my proposals since I can use them to test the new UX and new schemes in xDAI.

This proposal falls under the current worker compensation guidelines. Should DXdao governance approve any changes to the compensation structure that could apply to work during this scope of work, the compensation amounts in this proposal may change and be reflected in the amounts requested in the final on-chain proposal.

After this proposal I will submit a proposal to claim Eth Mainnet REP, as I haven’t yet, and currently the only REP I have is on xDai chain (And my whale REP on arbitrum :P)

Work experience:

Daotalk - Worker proposal 18/8 - 18/10/21

Daotalk - Worker proposal 18/6 - 18/8/21

Daotalk - Trial period worker proposal (Includes introduction)

4 years as a full stack web developer at JP Morgan

Won polygon NFT prize at 0xHack hackathon

A few recent larger PRs of mine for Dxvote / Aqua (more available on github):


I met Ross in person for the first time 10 days ago, we already catch up on dxvote org, planning, responsibilities and I have to say Im happy to work alongside someone like Ross who follows and defends the open source and decentralization principles that gave birth to dxvote. He also joined right on time, as soon as I had the code “ready” to be shared and start accepting contributions he helped building a team around it.

About his change from level 3 to 4, there is no doubt here that he deserves it and I think if he starts collaborating in solidity code during his worker proposal he can be ready to jump to level 5 in his next worker period.


Ross has been doing an excellent job at filling in the gaps of project and stakeholder management as the project lead. I support his move from lv3 to lv4.


@AugustoL @levotiate Thanks guys, it means a lot to have the support of such a great team :slight_smile:


Reflection on last worker period

My last worker proposal was created at a time when the DXgov team was still very much in its infancy and since then quite a lot has changed, here’s a summary and reflection of what happened.

Did well:

  • Sprints - Fairly standard at most companies the agile methodology and sprints is not something I think we have ever properly tried at DXdao and so since November we have been trialling them in DXgov. So far they have been going well with a few kinks and learning experiences, but overall positive. The added structure keeps the team more focused and aligned with our goals while providing more room for feedback and retrospectives on how things are going.
    Sprints · GitHub
    Discussions · DXgovernance/dxvote · GitHub

  • EthLisbon&Lessons from Lisbon - The retreat, conferences and conversations I had in Portugal were some of the most important parts of my worker period. I think I represented DXdao far better than I did in Paris. All of this helped me form a more clear vision of where DXgov is going in the future and what we can build. This was summarised in a presentation and later written up in a forum post Lessons from Lisbon re: DXgov

  • State of DXgov - I wrote up the current state of governance in support of the Augur partnership for a high level introduction to what we are doing. It was received well (400 reads on the forum) thanks to the support of DXvoice and I’m looking forward to writing more articles in this style - The State of DXgov

  • Augur partnership - Although not something I was super involved with I was happy to be part of the conversation with Augur where we informed them of our governance and what we could build for them now and in the future. Both @JohnKelleher and @AugustoL took the main lead on this I still feel I was able to provide value and will do more in future.

  • Onboarding - The past 2 months has seen the onboarding process of three new devs into DXgov. Although one didn’t work out I think @luchux and @Milton have both been doing fantastically. Despite the very obvious need of better documentation for all parts of DXgov I got good feedback from both and they very quickly adapted and learnt about the project. (documentation is WIP)

  • General understanding - I’ve focused a lot on gaining a deeper understanding of our governance architecture. Focusing mainly on the new DXvote architecture, new wallet schemes and guilds. This is something I am most proud of in the past 2 months as I finally feel confident in many aspects of the architecture and am able to suggest solutions properly utilizing the existing architecture well.

  • Guilds - Long put off in favour of improving DXvote, we have finally begun proper work on guilds. Spurred on by the Augur partnership we have begun focusing on the guilds implementation. Although just beginning I believe the plan of implementing guilds from the ground up with a squad focused on maintainable code and good design and then taking this over to DXvote afterwards will work out well. There has been a lot of learning here also as I haven’t worked with a dedicated designer on a dev team before and although it changed processes a little @corkus has been doing great work.

  • DXgov twitter - The idea of this twitter account was born from talking to people about governance in Lisbon. Having a squad specific twitter account focused more on documenting the challenges of governance and how we are taking a different approach to most as opposed to promoting a product is an important part of what we are doing with governance. It’s still in its early days and despite going relatively well I think there is still more we could do with this. (finding the right conversation threads was more difficult than expected)

Could have done better:

  • Bugs - As anyone following DXvote you’ll know we have had many issues over the past couple of months regarding bugs. This is almost naturally a bi-product of scaling a team and evolving a production application in the ways that we are. Regardless a lot can and has been learned here and I’ll be trying to avoid it in future. All the issues have been resolved as quickly as we possibly could and additional processes have been added throughout our product development lifecycle to reduce the risk of these. There is still a lot that can be done in this regard however.
  • Relayer - I mentioned in my previous proposal that this would be something I aim to push along however I had no time for it. As the responsibilities and goals of DXgov increased this fell to the wayside, which although it cant really be helped its still something I could have communicated better that I didnt have time for it.