Ross Neilson Vested DXD Claim [July-Dec 2021]

The following outlines a proposal to claim 17.21 DXD that has vested for Ross Neilson’s contributor proposals from July 2021 to December 2021. This spreadsheet calculates the vested % for the DXD compensation amounts provided in the Approve DXD vesting distribution to multiple contributor addresses proposal. Additionally, I have provided the vested % and DXD amounts below.

For the months of September and October we were testing out deploying vesting contracts using a vesting contract factory and were also recently withdrawn from. It worked perfectly but isn’t being used due to the decision to put off upgrades until gov 1.5 (pending final audit) is ready and deployed to reduce risk. But looking forward to automating the vested DXD process soon.

The DXD amounts requested in this proposal can be found in the following contributor proposals: