Ross Neilson - Contributor Proposal Level 7

I’ve been planning a level up as I believe the work I am doing falls under the responsibilities of level 7. However, I wanted to wait until DAVI was out there and being used by people. Although we have technically been released in beta for some time now without real use cases I still didn’t feel comfortable considering it being out. But now guilds are launched and available to all squads in DXdao to use for governance, DXgov is handling all current payments through our guild.

My last level increase came with the overall pay structure changes last year. I have been the lead of DXgov for over a year and in that time my responsibilities have changed a lot. DAVI has grown into a larger product vision for DXdao and fits in as an important part of the organisation’s vision. Responsibilities as product and squad lead are very clearly laid out in our 6 month budget complete with OKRs. In addition to those management responsibilities I also continue to use my development knowledge as best I can as a hybrid role to better guide us to achieving product goals. This usually takes the form of architecture and writing tasks but also pull requests and committed code.

I also hope I can continue representing the DAO more at events as I just did my first panel and then first proper talk last year. I have one more applied to already for 2023 and will continue looking for opportunities to talk about what we are doing.

I included this under a contingency cost for level ups as I wanted the decision to approve my level up to be separate from the DXgov budget.

I’ll post this as a proposal to send the additional funds for February and March ($1000*2) to the DXgov guild via the multichain MS (0x9467dcfd4519287e3878c018c02f5670465a9003). The funding for the next quarter will be requested alongside as regular funding of the DXgov guild with me at level 7. If you don’t think my current responsibilities suit a level 7 please leave me feedback.

I’m super excited for this next phase of DXdao and can’t wait for what we will all build together!