Robert's Redemption Balancer #1 under DXD Token model

I am submitting my Redemption Balancer under DXD approved Token Model, following approved Redemption Balancer guidelines.

Transfer transaction of my 458.0298 DXD to the DXDAO multsig: 0xabef4d0d3a186ad19cd4f7f65b611aa9448da16baf79ec49b9eecc52bbb0ab5d

Please find below my screenshot of the ‘Redemption Balancer Calc’, with prices and circulating supply dated to the moment of the DXD transfer to the DAO:

This is 2,611.129936181442073971 DXD, right?

And your proposal is off?

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yes, sorry: it’s 2,611.129936181442073971 DXD

I also updated the proposal

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This is 1kx right???

Hey Robert, the proposal passed but can’t be redeemed. The avatar can’t send ETH to Gnosis Safes.

The closure Safe will send the debt instead.


Thanks. Does this mean you will send the 655,795.8 DAI and 835.30 ETH from the closure fund? Would you know yet when this will happen?

Whenever this proposal passes. The funds will still originate from the DAO - you’ll receive WETH instead of ETH.

DAI has been sent: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

ETH needs to be wrapped and will be then sent out.


fully paid, apologies for the delay.