Rewarding contributions

I believe it is important to create the right culture within dxDAO, importantly a culture that rewards contributions.

Individuals who contribute valuable work for the dxDAO should be the ones who are governing the DAO.

To kickstart this culture, I am proposing that members who were on our kickoff call today be rewarded 0.1% Rep each.

Please share thoughts / comments below.


Hey Eric,
It’s tex! Let me put my thoughts onto this.

For those who are not aware…

  1. I participated in the kickstarting call / meeting
  2. I have 0 rep so far ( just really keen on the project )
  3. I like the idea of rewarding contributors but we have to defined what contribution means.
    Frankly I’m against the idea of distributing Rep for call participation. The motivation for the call should be intrinsic. To participate in the call means that you want your voice to be heard which shows your genuine interest in the project.

I’ve seen many meetups which offers free pizza and beer. People just attend those meetups for the sake of the free food and drinks. Of course in the whole process they actually might learn something or express their view which could be very productive and beneficial but the majority will be just blank minds.

What stops me from just joining the meeting ( mute , no camera ) go out and that’s it. Free rep for doing nothing.


I see your point, however there were no expectations for this meeting.

Moving forward, I believe we should have a more robust system to allocate rep…

The idea here was to signal that this is our intent and give some reward to set this culture into motion.

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Thanks for participating in the meeting even without having any REP. This is exactly something we need to reward.

Just to make it clear: We will not reward participants for every meeting. Maybe this will be a one time only thing, but I agree with @eric.arsenault about setting our culture right.

@hilmarx started an important discussion about how do we incentives people to commit work for the DAO with a small stake and I would say by doing exactly what @eric.arsenault is proposing. By Being generous and value contribution in our early stage of bootstraping the DAO.

@exDeo Pizza will not keep you interested in meetups, but ownership of a new digital company will.

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