Retrospective Contributor Bonuses for Shipping

Shipping is critical to DXdao. And it is important for DXdao to recognize its members that excel at shipping products, processes, deals, and more. @corkus and I have put together a draft proposal that aims to recognize past contributions with a financial reward. The aim is to honor DXdao’s most productive members for their efforts, and to retain and attract people who will carry DXdao forward in its mission to build market leading DeFi products and innovate in decentralized organization.

The rewards are for shipping, meaning the effort has been completed and the result is live and being used. We suggest three levels of reward, described below. If this idea receives support and passes governance, then such nominations could be revisited periodically. When development of Carrot gets further along, it could make sense to move towards prospective incentives rather than retrospective rewards.

Level 3 - $15K in ETH or stables + $5K Vesting DXD
This reflects excellence in execution and delivering results which differentiate DXdao from its competition.

Level 2 - $5K in ETH or stables + $1K Vesting DXD
This reflects leadership in execution within DXdao, demonstrating leadership amongst a squad or the collective at large.

Level 1 - $1K in Vesting DXD
This reflects consistency and dedication that create positive results for DXdao

Initial nominations

Level 3 ($15K ETH + $5K DXD) Nominations

- Federico for Swapr DIY Farming and Eco Routing
	- These two features make Swapr unique amongst DEXes and demonstrate the promise that DXdao can lead through innovation in user experience
	- Federico delivered smart contracts, UI, and more for Swapr, and nearly single-handedly brought Swapr’s roadmap to life.

Level 2 Nominations

- Augusto for DXtrust
	- Augusto joined DXdao before the launch of DXtrust and was instrumental in the completion of its development.

- Kaden for Scalar Markets
	- Kaden started as a frontend-developer for Omen but has quickly transitioned to a lead development role. He rapidly and without help got deep into the Omen tech stack and delivered scalar markets without any delays.

- Keenan for Discord and DXdocs
	- Keenan arrived at DXdao, filling a large gap in community management.  While he has contributed across many communications and marketing efforts, two of his notable achievements are the DXdao discord server and DXdocs.  The Discord launch several months ago was a giant leap forward for community development and the more recently launched DXdocs promises to help demystify DXdao’s complexities.

- Chris Powers for Governance 2.0 Signal Proposal and DXD Buyback
	- Chris has tackled some of DXdao’s most daunting problems with grit and finesse.  

- Zett for Swapr Beta Design
	- Operating within the confines of what initially was a Uniswap fork, Zett has designed the DIY farming and Eco routing experience which has received great feedback from the community and furthermore Zett has been a great example for DXdao product teams in creating and maintaining a visible product roadmap.

Level 1 Nominations

- Dave for Quarterly Reports

- Nico for GP and Uniswap liquidity relayers

- Augusto for DXsnapshot monitoring tool

- Nico for Security Monitoring channel

- Matt Finestone for early evangelism of DXdao and for Rails

- Nylon for xDXdao Base

- Kobello for leading the Omen Squad

- Milan for landing page and DXdocs implementation

- Milan for integrating the xDai bridge into Omen

- Tammy for OMN Guild Post

Total Budget

The above nominations, 1 for Level 3, 5 for Level 2, and 10 for Level 3, incur the following cost for DXdao:

$40,000 in ETH
$20,000 in vesting DXD

I fully support all of these nominations and the initiative to reward those who have successfully shipped products, processes, initiated deals, etc. for DXdao. Thank you for all of your contributions @luzzifoss @Tammy @AugustoL @KadenZipfel @KeenanL @Powers @Zett @Violet @fluidDrop @nico, Nylon, Kobello and Matt Finestone !


@luzzifoss per presidente!!!


A couple of contributors have pointed out to me that @Tammy was also instrumental in shipping the buyback transparency statements and the current version of the contributor guidelines. Also she recruited @Melanie. Would like to propose that Tammy be nominated at Level 2 for these contributions in addition to her nomination for a Level 3 reward for the OMN Guild Post.


This is a great initiative. Figuring out ways for decentralized collectives to reward contributors around specific initiatives (in this case “Shipping”) has been something that many groups have been spending time figuring out.

Many other communities/DAOs/projects are already using tools for this type of initiative.

One popular tool for this is: and is being used by many leading communities in the space: Yearn, CREAM, Sushiswap, and Gitcoin - all projects very good at shipping.

It makes sense for a global decentralized collective to be using ground-up community driven consensus for this type of activity and assigning awards.

@Melanie has already been looking into Coordinape and has been looking for a good first use case. This would be a perfect first use case.


I would suggest adding @corkus and @JohnKelleher next to me in the level 2 DXtrust reward. They worked next to me and we delivered a product that is still up and running.

And also add a level 3 reward to @JohnKelleher for leading the developer calls, we had always good quality content and discussions there since he took over the lead of the calls.


I would like to nominate a Level 2 candidate.

John Kelleher for being the anchor of our technical workers and leading and following up on the security of DXdao and its dapps. With successful audits for Swapr, we are able to move forward with less friction and worry.

I would also like to nominate a Level 1 candidate.

Venky for taking his free time outside his proposals to help out on the different squads. Many might not know that Venky already has a full-time commitment elsewhere. Despite that, he has been able to help out with structuring and testing for Swapr and other squads.

@0xVenky @JohnKelleher


I will be posting this proposal for Retrospective Contributor Bonuses for Shipping on chain shortly. Please note the following amendments and additions to the initial proposal based on community feedback:


Reward for Level 1 - $1K in ETH or stables or vesting DXD


Initial proposal to now include the following contributors:

Level 1: Venky for taking his free time outside his proposal scope to help out on the different squads. He has been instrumental in structuring and testing for Swapr and other squads.
Level 2 : Corkus for the development and completion of DXtrust.
Tammy for being instrumental in shipping the buyback transparency statements and the current version of the contributor guidelines. Also she recruited @Melanie.
Level 3 : John Kelleher for DXtrust and being the anchor of our technical workers while leading and following up on the security of DXdao and its dApps.

New Total Budget:

2 for Level 3, 7 for Level 2, and 1 for Level 3 incur the following cost for DXdao:

$65,000 in ETH/stable coins (denomination determined by contributor)
$17,000 in vesting DXD
$11,000 potentially in ETH or stable coins or vesting DXD (denomination determined by contributor)

In addition, if this on chain proposal passes, each contributor nominated will be able to claim their individual rewards on their next worker proposal :smiley:

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