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DAOstack R&D Resources

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:phone: Information about the biweekly dev call is available here. It’s every second Wednesday of the month, at 21:00 Berlin time.

Development: DAOstack Core

Protocol Layer

Arc - DAOstack’s DAO protocol. Arc contains the basic building blocks and standard components that can be used to implement any DAO.
repo: GitHub - daostack/arc: Arc is an operating system for DAOs.
docs: Home - DAOstack Arc Docs
Architecture Overview

Infra - Reusable, protocol agnostic, contracts that Arc uses as a base layer. For example, the Genesis Protocol Voting Machine.
repo: GitHub - daostack/infra

Migration - A repo for handling the migration of DAOstack contracts and DAOs.
repo: GitHub - daostack/migration: A repo for handeling the migration of DAOstack contracts and DAOs.

Application Layer

Alchemy - Alchemy is a budgeting and resource-allocation tool for decentralized organizations.
repo: GitHub - daostack/alchemy: An app for collaborative networks (DAOs), based on the DAO stack.

Client - DAOstack’s JavaScript client.

Subgraph - DAOstack’s subgraph for graph-node (the caching layer).
repo: GitHub - daostack/subgraph: A DAOstack subgraph for graph-node

Development: DAOstack Ecosystem


DAOexplorer - An analytics dashboard for DAOstack DAOs that helps you dig into things like “who voted no on this proposal” or “who has the most rep”.

DAOcreator - A “creation wizard” for DAOstack DAOs.
repo: GitHub - dOrgTech/DAOcreator: dApp for creating and interacting with DAOs


DAOcomponents - Componentizing DAOstack’s client library, enabling easier React application integration. The hope is to be able to turn any app into a DAO enabled dApp by adding ~2 components.

DAOfeatures - A repository of Features for DAOstack DAOs.

DAOtemplates - Templates for different types of DAOs.

Protocol Research

Genesis Protocol

Private Voting

Reputation Decay

Liquid Democracy

Layered DAOs

Pricing Collective Attention (Boosting Gradient)

The Problem of Voting Rewards

High-Level Learning

White Paper

Development: Ethereum

Ethereum White Paper
Getting Started With Ethereum Development