Resource Coordination Bi-weekly Huddle

So far, DXdao has coordinated worker resources through the forums, keybase and across weekly Biz dev, product and governance calls. These have been useful, but they fall short of higher-level coordination and too often get consumed by the minutiae of that week.

The community has landed on a “Resource Coordination” call to discuss these issues and let contributors voice their concerns about constraints and roadblocks and present changes & recommendations to how DXdao functions on an organizational level.

As discussed on last week’s community call, we will have the first Resource Coordination Bi-Weekly Huddle this Thursday during the time for the normal community call. The first items to discuss are a name for the call and schedule for future calls.

Other items to discuss:

  • What products/initiatives are bottle-necked and what others have capacity?
  • Review processes across products, marketing & governance
  • Productivity software used
  • Scope, time & frequency of calls
  • Other DXops items

Please add any items you’d like to consider below or suggestions for meeting structure.

Call details:
Meeting date: Thursday, December 10, 2020
Hong Kong: 11:00pm
CEST (Berlin): 5:00pm
UTC Time: 3:00pm
Buenos Aires: 12:00pm
Brooklyn: 11:00am
Houston: 10:00am
Denver: 9:00am
San Francisco: 8:00am

Meeting link:


It would be great to also discuss squads: DXdao fractalization - DXsquads


Notes from yesterday’s discussion:

  • Squads & Budgets

    • Initial overview and categorization of contributors’ work time into Squads (Omen, Swapr, Mesa, Governance, Marketing/community, Partnerships & Biz Dev, Ecosystem & product development). Worker time allocation by squad X worker compensation = brought budget by squad. See presentation & supporting spreadsheet.
    • Loose structure now with Squad Scout (or Guide) leading and coordinating efforts with squad & community, but moving to more formal governance structure through fractilaliztion.
    • Need macro, product roadmap communication and accountability to the community.
    • To do: Create 2021 Strategy Proposals for Squads to be voted on and present to community
  • Meeting & productivity software

    • Meetings need to be better documented and organized
    • To log meetings, need 1. Agenda 2. Running Notes/Takeaways 3. Video
    • Airtable, Notion, Hackmd, forum are all being used now. Moving forward, organizers can try preferred tool for writing notes down, Airtable seems best for cataloguing
    • Taking notes is important, maybe worth investing in
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Listened to the meeting, and thought there were a lot of great ideas discussed. Here are a few thoughts on some of the topics:

Squad Strategy Docs: @powers 's idea to have each squad prepare a strategy doc that is circulated throughout the wider defi community seems really solid. A great way to engage others in governance, work on product branding, and set the tone for the new year.

Worker Performance Evaluations: I noticed that the Omen squad has been writing feedback on worker proposals, which seemed really useful for other community members to see. I also agree with @corkus ’s point about possible challenges with keeping feedback from beeing too “sugar-coated”.

Possible Solution: Schedule a monthly or bi-monthly check-in for each squad where members anonymously provide feedback on one another’s performance. Each squad can try out its own method to make this work.

One way this could play out is:

  1. Each squad member sends their feedback on each contributor to the squad scout or through an anonymous poll with comments.
  2. The feedback addresses (a) what someone is doing well; (b) what needs improvement; and © do they want to continue working with that person.
  3. Each contributor can then review the written feedback.
  4. The squad discusses that feedback together at their next meeting in order to set goals and make personnel decisions.

Worker Proposals and Reviews (Long-Term): How does the community feel about synchronizing worker proposal dates within each squad? This could help to streamline monthly reviews, coordinate budgets, set goals, and organize the on chain voting process.

Because all contributors currently are paid on different dates, this would require the first round of payments to be slightly off or extende (like when you start a new job and need to wait an extra week to get your first paycheck), but could work nicely after the first round.

Contributor Email List / Synchronized Calendar: Lastly, is it possible to create a contributor / community email list to directly notify everyone regarding important announcements. Meeting notification changes could also work, if they are sent to all contributors via google cal. I know @zett and @keenanL are setting up a google cal for the dxdao.eth page, which is great. Unfortunately, @powers’s post regarding the general meeting topic change was eaten up in the DAOtalk queue, which is why we missed the meeting.

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