[Resource] AugurDAO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is going to govern AugurDAO

AugurDAO is being designed to fit into the upcoming Governance 2.0 structure for DXdao. In its initial form it will be 100% governed by REPv2 holders, with voting and quorum designed to be functional enough to pass proposals necessary for the protocol. In the future, AugurDAO will be able to modify itself to including using other DXdao features such as Holographic Consensus, and non-transferable voting power earned by participating in the DAO.

Discussions about exactly what DAO structures will be supported by AugurDAO should be taken up in individual forum topics as this is a work in progress with community input needed.

How is AugurDAO related to DXdao?

AugurDAO is a specific instance of a DXdao “Guild” which is part of the DXdao governance 2.0 roadmap. The intention is that AugurDAO take advantage of the governance work DXdao has done by using the DXdao contracts, tools and concepts. Ideally AugurDAO will continue to support DXdao development and contribute back to the DXdao community via improving governance with the learnings from AugurDAO.

Check out the AugurDAO topic in the DXdao forum for more information.

Can I see the DAO codebase?

Yep! Check out the WIP PR for AugurDAO support in DXdao’s Governance repository on github.

How can I contribute?

Post or comment on the topics in this forum, join the Augur discord, or head over to Github!

Funding the DAO

The Forecast Foundation, the entity which to date has supported the development of the Augur protocol, will be funding AugurDAO by early 2022. The goal will be to enable governance of those funds in early 2022, and work is already well underway on governance contracts and audits scheduled for the end of November. The exact amounts and breakdown of assets is not yet nailed down, but the total amounts should be enough to support development of the Augur projects for years to come.

Will the existing Augur team be working for the DAO?

Some team members will continue supporting AugurDAO during the transitionary period into DAOhood. The intention is that AugurDAO, and ultimately REPv2 holders, are able to supporting Augur development moving forward.


  • November 17, 2021 - Announce intentions and structure for AugurDAO. Begin taking feedback on the this AugurDAO forum.
  • Late November, 2021 - Begin smart contract audits for ERC20 Guild-based governance for AugurDAO.
  • Mid December, 2021 - Submit signal proposal to DXdao governance detailing DXdao’s support of and partnership with AugurDAO.
  • Early 2022 - Initial funding of AugurDAO treasury plus release of governance