Reserving ENS domain dxdao.eth

Hey guys,

it would be crucial for us to reserve the dxdao.eth domain via .

We need to provide:

  • Must be a DNS second-level domain (2LD)
    I have bought the domain :white_check_mark:

  • Must have been registered on or before May 4, 2019
    The registration date of the domain is Jul 8, 2019 but Nick already pointed out that:
    They will still need to submit a claim, but we can consider waiving the domain age requirement.:white_check_mark:

  • An exact match for the existing DNS domain

  • DNS domain must create a TXT record

UPDATE: Reservation is submitted and is now in pending state.

I have sent a link to this thread.


The deadline is not over, August 10 is in 3 weeks…


Yeah! A good sign that I need more coffee :slight_smile:


Do we need to determine what the owner address of the domain will be? I have not gone through ENS registration before so please forgive me if I’m missing something.

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We could simply submit the reservation with the dxdao contract address 0x519b70055af55A007110B4Ff99b0eA33071c720a( as the owner of the ENS domain.

can someone guide me through setting up a TXT record for the domain so we can prepare our reservation?

Edit: thanks to @JohnKelleher who helped me with the TXT record.