Research: DAO user Archetypes

Hey all,

This is a research to identify DAO agnostic archetypes and share the knowledge with other potential DAOs or DAOs that are developing their communities.

The archetypes present in this research are based in the Genesis DAO experiment, though there will surely be similarities with other communities as well.

As the research matures, content will be produced to educate both the Genesis community and others. Feedback is highly appreciated.

GenDAO Archetypes

1.The GenDAO centric, DAO Catalyst

2.The DAOstack centric, DAO Builder

  1. The DAO ecosystem centric, DAO Creative


The DAO Catalyst is a Genesis DAO-centric user, who spends a lot of their time sharing and organizing information within the community and helping other users coordinate on actions that benefit the community off-chain and on-chain. The catalyst needs directories to be organized and accessible to proceed with their work, otherwise this will become a major roadblock for their engagement. If the organization of information is deficient, they may not take action, or even create more noise by relaying incorrect information or duplicating existing directories.


DAO catalyst wants to:

  • steer the Genesis community & governance

  • participate in a decentralized organization / engage in a decentralized governance experience that suits their lifestyle

  • facilitate community dialogue

Roles: collector / organizer / communicator


Off-chain actions:

  • note taking from calls / meetings / meetups

  • Organize content in the appropriate repository

  • relay information such as updates, general and specificQA, directories, existing resources, onboarding practices

  • discuss and hold space for debate in communication channels such as the Weekly Calls, telegram channels and the forum

  • enforce community guidelines such as flagging negative behavior, direct conversations to forum threads, notify new members of the appropriate norms to create and communicate proposals

  • connect organizations and new members that can be mutually beneficial for the community and cross pollinate ideas / plans / resources / updates between them

On-chain actions:

  • curates and votes proposals that are interesting for the community’s development or flag harmful proposals and attacks to the DAOs attention or funds;

  • submits proposals that create ownership over off-chain activities and funds DAO users willing to do so; facilitate the navigation of the community’s attention to what’s going on in the DAO; create bounties for the DAO to achieve agreed goals; create rules of conduct; fund working groups; give/slash Rep to/from DAO users; start and fund Working Groups; fund meetups;

Proposal Examples:

Helping Genesis DAO and WGs communicate their needs by @arsena21:

Bug Reporting Guidelines by @pedroparrachia :


This GenDAO user interested in being active in it’s governance has a strong need to:

have access to resources, organized and up to date directories that are easy to find and navigate, aggregators of important links such as templates, communication channels where collaboration happens, calendars of community events, agreements for collective behavior and norms, tutorials to guide new members and overview / visual maps where one can easily grasp an outline of the organization of information within the community.

be in the loop of things, with a clear view of what are the latest activities, such as which proposals and draft proposals are in the making and who is the point of contact for each one, working groups activities, the DAO’s big plans (as defined in the soft governance circle) and micro threads that touch on system wide improvements, conflicts and controversial narratives that are productive for the community.

Drive of the needs/pains:

who is doing what and where/when? how do I act and what are the guidelines to do it? how do I communicate my actions so the community and the specific circles are aware? where do I find and store my work?


The DAO Builder is a DAOstack-centric user, a DAO founder, whose research and resources are deployed to onboard an existing community to a DAO model and leverage the capabilities of decentralized governance to foster innovation, increase agility or scale his organization or to test innovative use cases, creating a DAO and mobilizing a community to do so. The DAO Builder also collaborate with DAO users in the Genesis community, co-creating their projects through coordination in multiple channels, organizing their work in repositories to be shared for wider communities as well.

The Dao Builder needs to understand the current stage of the technology and what use cases have been tested so far, learn with the experience of the existing projects running on DAOs and the communities behind them. Major roadblocks identified for this archetype is the lack of clarity towards the necessary resources a community needs in order to adopt a DAO governance model, how to grow and nurture an online community and what is the appropriate use case for it’s endeavor. Risks are such that newly open DAOs can take long to achieve traction or have systemic flaws in their design structure that keep them from functioning. Difficulties to coordinate with experienced Genesis members due to high traffic in the community may be a hardship for DAO founders that intend to create their experiments from scratch as well, both in terms of knowledge gathering and human labour.


DAO builder wants to:

onboard a community and start a DAO on the DAO stack or research a DAO use case

learn and collaborate with existing DAO communities, such as the Genesis DAO

mobilize an online community

Roles: research / development / mobilization


Off-chain actions:

  • communicate and announce their research or DAO projects to the community, as in breakout rooms during weekly calls, blogs or inviting interested people to their own community channels

  • collaborate with the DAOstack team members responsible for biz-dev to understand the necessary resources to start their projects

  • collaborate with experienced Genesis community members to co-create their DAO research projects, arrange development and mobilization partnerships and learn with the Genesis DAO experience

  • mobilize their own communities, promote their DAOs and share the experience with the broader ecosystem

On-chain actions:

  • interact with Alchemy to learn how the DAO interface and it’s mechanics work;

  • submit proposals to research the development of a DAO use case; to host meetups and workshops to co-create DAO projects; to ask Genesis DAO funds to kick-off a DAO experiment; to ask for Rep to a DAO to participate in Genesis;

Proposal Examples:

2-Day DAO workshop during CBW @Luukweber:


DAO builder needs revolve mostly around knowledge base and community engagement for their projects:

connect with the responsible DAOstack personel to understand if their needs can be met with existing software or if it should be the case of a custom project with extra attention from the team

learn what are the existing resources available to guide their community in shifting to DAO governance

be aware of possible partnerships, education programs and possible grants that may aid or bring external agents to develop their DAO communities from the inside out

Drive of the needs/pains:

which DAO use cases are active? how do I pratically start a DAO? what resources do I need to deploy? how do I mobilize my community? how do I find collaborators? where can I find DAO development resources? who can engage in this project with us?


The DAO Creative is a DAO ecosystem-centric user, a DAO user in multiple DAOs, who creates projects that leverage a DAO pool of resources to help that DAO achieve it’s goals or to develop activities aligned with the decentralized governance technilogies agenda. A content creator, artist, skilled developer capable of both creating and executing the vision of it’s own projects finds in the agile fund management system of a DAO the governance structure that matches it’s freelance / independent work patterns.

A DAO Creative benefits from the work of DAO catalysts that pave the way for them to identifiy clear needs and project opportunities that are necessary and aligned with a DAO agenda, the same happens as they collaborate with dao users from different DAOs and create projects that often ties and bridges needs from multiple communities.

This archetype needs to communicate it’s portfolio to the community in order to gather “soft Rep” to approve proposals which ask for a decent amount of funds. It also finds necessary to promote, sometimes thoroughly, projects that ask for funds upfront and that seem radical or crazy. Another way to achieve both the soft and hard Rep is by starting their career by asking for funds after they have completed smaller projects that benefit the DAO somehow, like minor code / promotion / content projects.


DAO creative wants to:

leverage a DAO or multiple DAOs resources to fund their projects, often related to decentralized governance technologies (as in the case of Genesis DAO)

research and develop software, create content and promotional activities, organize hackathons and meetups, start artistic and activist projects

acquire reputation for an enduring career in a DAO ecosystem

Roles: software research development / protocol research / content creation


Off-chain actions:

  • promote their portfolios and engage the community’s audience in their cause

  • learn what are the community’s needs by accessing weekly calls, browsing forums and exchanging thoughts with savvy participants

  • co-create projects with community participants to receive their inputs and labour

  • check the “temperature” of the community for their projects budget

  • develop their community’s of choice code base (in case of devs)

On-chain actions:

  • interact with Alchemy to learn how the DAO interface and it’s mechanics work;

  • submit proposals to receive funds for work done upfront; to ask for funds and Rep upfront for work to be delivered;

Proposal Examples:

“How to self onboard to a DAO” by @exponent

Vitalik Painting by @elementarycomplexity

Alchemy Explorer by @bohendo and @shivgrupta


DAO creative needs to check the what can be done within a DAO a how’s the community feel about their skills:

research previously approved proposals to make sure work is not being repeated

gather the attention of the community to receive appraisal for it’s own skills on previous projects

go through forum posts, digests, weekly calls and achieve a birds eye view on systemic needs that can be tackled by their work

Drive of the needs/pains:

what can I do to benefit this community? how do I prove myself worthy? what are the urgent needs? who can join me in my projects? how did similar projects such as mine work previously in this community? repo?



Erik, any updates on your outlook presented here?