Requesting Feedback on DAO Archetypes article

Hello there, I am writing an article on DAO archetypes. I’ve noticed that the current literature drastically comes short on a thorough review of the current and emerging archetypes. What follows are the identified categories that I believe are more comprehensive than what you typically find googling “DAO types”. I would really appreciate any feedback before I finish writing this article around:

  1. Whether there are other archetypes that should be added to the list
  2. If you think an archetype should be grouped in with another
  3. If you would disagree with the names of any of these

Thank you in advance!

My list:
Protocol DAOs

  • These manage protocols, voting and making decisions on how to build the DAO, making necessary payments, and managing the community.

Grant DAOs

  • These have treasuries that they disperse after reviewing grant applications and determining what projects should receive the funds.

Social DAOs

  • These are communities that are deployed on-chain, they might be gated by an NFT or crypto token and are concerned with providing a social experience for their members.

Collector DAOs

  • Organized around the purpose of collective ownership of digitial and physical goods.

Venture/Investment DAOs

  • These are formed with the intent of using the collective power of pooled resources to invest in something.

Media DAOs

  • Focused on putting the power of media in the groups collective hands, like a community ran and owned blog or newsletter.

Social Media DAOs

  • Similar to media and social daos, these are formed with the intent of providing and managing a decentralized social media

Entertainment DAOs

  • Formed to create a book or movie, or in some other creative pursuit.

Regen DAOs

  • These are groups that have come together to build and manage regenerative efforts, for example land management

Philanthropy DAOs

  • Formed with the purpose of distributing funds and resources in a philanthropic manner to support others

Freelance/Guild DAOs

  • Collectives of freelancers, members are available for hire. They might be a community that shares opportunities and are dedicated to supporting each others work or even have a private marketplace for jobs.

Gaming DAOs

  • These exist to serve a few functions including providing a community, providing scholarships for P2E gaming, and facilitating esports

Political Action DAOs

  • These form to organize around a political cause, candidate, or party. Can look similar to PAC in building campaign finances or exhibiting an organized and collective push for political action
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