Reputation, DAO guilds, and DAO to DAO interactions

DXdao Reputation system framework

The discussion of how DAOs interact with each other has been long debated in these forums, other governance and DAO protocol discussions, and even in the DAOstack whitepaper. at the bottom of this post I linked a few previous discussion on the topic.
DXdao product architecture is the first instance in which this DAO topology is necessary.

This is a concept for a new voting power system that will allow Reputation flexibility, SubDAO / Guild system, and a simple standard DAO 2 DAO interactions.

This system would make it easier for DXdao to give a controlled amount of voting power to DXD-holders (locked or unlocked), create sub-DAOs that have independent reputation economies while still voting & a part of the DXdao, and allow for bi-directional relationship between DAOs.

The reputation contract

  • The DXdao reputation contract is composed of several erc20 contracts, (transferable / non-transferable / stake-able)
  • Voting power is the weight of an address over a proposal, it is calculated per proposal, upon proposal submission (Prev. block), by combining all of the DAO reputation contracts and their weight.
  • Changes (Add, Remove, change weight) of the DAO reputation contract can be done via plugin manager proposal

The DXdao voting power is composed of several reputation contracts, each “DXguild” has a voting power allocation that can be configured by the DXdao. Voting by DXguild members is done directly in the DXdao.

This means that INDIVIDUAL DXproduct rep holders vote in the DXdao and not the whole DAO voting as a single entity. IMO Proposal based DAO-to-DAO interactions are too absolute and won’t represent the DAO, slow to execute to the point of missing the voting time, and difficult to implement (When does a proposal open?)

The DAO can allocate different weight to the reputation contract (ERC20 token contract) of each DAOs, for example:
DXDao - 80% - Main contract (Calculation will be based on this)
DXswap-DAO - 10%
MesaDAO - 5%
OmenDAO 4%
MixDAO - 1%

A simple example:
When a proposal is made it takes a reputation snapshot:

  • The Dxdao voting power uses the SubDAOs reputation contract, allocating weight to the whole reputation contract giving each participant his reputation ratio in the DAO
  • For example if I have 1% reputation in DxSwap-DAO, and DXswap-DAO has the 10% reputation in DXdao, I will have 0.1% reputation in the DXdao
  • In addition, if I have 0.4% reputation in the DXdao (or other SubDAOs), my voting power will be 0.5% in the DXdao.

Please bear in mind that switching out the reputation system and replacing it with this will not be a simple task and will likely include other architectural changes, which means that deploying something like this will take time.


This system has been needed for awhile, and I’ve repeatedly pushed DAOstack folks in the past to work on it (for years, frankly), the question is when will it be taken seriously as an ecosystem priority by the core team? Or is the expectation here that somebody else build it (which is fine, but this should be communicated so a DAO can prioritize it)?