REMINDER - Genesis Code of Conduct

Hi everyone,

It’s great to have debates and discussions. It is not ok to attack people personally.

If you do this on Alchemy (ie in the comments section) this your comment will be moderated as per this agreement passed on Genesis (top of page)

If you repeatedly do this in DAOstack initated channels (Genesis Community Telegram, DAOtalk threads etc) you will be removed from these channels as per this Code of Conduct (bottom of page).

If you consistently act in a way that goes against the mission of Genesis and also contravenes these two documents someone may well make a proposal to strip you of reputation.

Genesis DAO is a place where we are privileged to experiment with new organizational forms - let’s live up to that responsibility… I invite you to have fun but…let’s not be kids :children_crossing:.

In short: why not interact with respect and understanding? What have we got to lose?

From Kate | DAOstack Ecosystem Lead