Reimbursement for some failed Arbitrum proposals

Staking token reimbursement on failed proposals

Hey, As part of some of the farming proposals created, I had a few proposals that failed because of some manual errors in filling proposals / partners not being ready and so on. I have them listed here and was wondering if its possible to reimburse them to me.

dxvote.eth - Epoch 16 / 17 and this was created as duplicate because dxvote didnt respond and showed my proposal. (1.1 DXD for me and I also see another wallet had staked 1.1 DXD)

dxvote.eth - Epoch 2 BADGER /WETH as BADGER wasnt ready with the proposed start date of Epoch 2 and we had to postpone the campaign to a future epoch. (0.2 DXD)

dxvote.eth - Incorrectly created and hence downstaked, but not sure how to redeem the 0.2 DXD that I downstaked it with. (0.2 DXD)

dxvote.eth - ARBIS / WETH - we later discussed and updated the campaign to also include ARBIS in the campaign. (0.9 DXD)

I would like to get the 2.4 DXD reimbursed from DXDao to reimburse the failed costs. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Hi, continuing from the post above, I would also like to add these proposals that failed because of proposals that were unable to be boosted on time. The frontend showed a different amount to boost, but apparently it needed more DXD to be staked for boosting. The below 2 proposals had a boost of 1.4 DXD and 1.1 DXD and in total I would like to redeem 4.9 DXD from these proposals that failed to execute.