Reflections from Colombia

I’ve created my own thread, just because it seems long enough to be on its own. I sometimes wish this could all be an email to everyone. Such a great time seeing people in person. Outside of anything specific, the numerous individual conversations helps build trust for working together going forward.


I arrived late in the evening on the first day of Devcon. A couple things stood out to me:

Retreat and initial restructuring thoughts.

I gave a presentation on some new structures to help improve accountability and streamline operations. Still incorporating feedback and looking to make a followup post sometime later this week. Some other thoughts/followup:

  • Thanks to the Lateral team, Augusto and others for setting up the venue. Great view and great food. Cartagena (the city) was also very cool.
  • “North Star” went from a joke to core idea over the week. I’ve always felt confident in what I thought DXdao could be and why we’re building and governing the way we are, but I didn’t fully appreciate the benefit of a collective understanding and alignment on a specific direction to move forward. My tldr for this discussion was “Building a suite of products centered around Davi that DXdao dogfoods with itself”. A key to do item that I took away was some type of “Vision document”, maybe a 10-15 page “DXdao pitch deck”.
  • Not necessarily a lot of “A-ha moments” or “easy fixes”. Conversations were productive and momentum was built but these were clearly first conversations with more to follow. These are not easy solutions and there is no defined playbook. We need to take our time but still move quickly. The end-of-year (or before the holidays) seems like a perfect deadline for these big ideas to turn into actionable plans.
  • More with less - so much of DXdao coordination is around communicating what is being worked on by whom. When these things are clear, there is less need to spend time talking about coordinating. We can just execute and present the results.
  • The budgetary process can unlock many downstream benefits. The goal is to ensure resources are allocated effectively, but the justification of expenditures and the periodic updates they provide to the community are effective ways at answering tough product questions or identifying squad goals. Advisory councils will also be a key supplement. More to come.

Any questions, please feel free to leave below or if anyone wants to leave their own reflections.


Me too, for me the most important thing from the retreat was coming up with a dxdao porpuse with three strong pillars, enable communities freedom, and discussing how we can keep doing that forever in a sustainable way (with a revenue-driven approach that helps us get enough profit to become sustainable).

  • :100: on this. I am still not entirely convinced of the council, but I see the value of having close validation from external experts.

IMO, improving our communication, cross-squad collaboration and having clear objectives/OKRs, is a must to execute actions more efficiently, review them and continue.


It is very important to have a strong and clear purpose, but it is not enough. Improving communication is crucial, so I offer DxDao (again), to give you a talk about hight performance teams, for which excellence in communication is a must (among other things).