Rebranding as Daugur - pronounced "Dogger" -- Raising Money

This might sound silly but Augur needs a reboot and an influx of funding.

“DAO Augur” = “Daugur”
pronounced “dogger”

A powerful combination of Dog memes and Augur’s reputation as the first major DAO.

The dog memes should facilitate a new token sale, and/or the selling of NFTs to fund Augur development and most importantly a marketing team with a multi-year budget in the $10-100 million range.

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Why does changing the name suddenly attract millions of dollars funding? The Augur brand is one of the only good things going for the project, would be silly to change it just because it’s a funny meme.

Imagine if there were doge-related crypto meme currencies with no major use case worth millions, no wait, tens of billions. People are flush with cash and will spend it on anything (see the $45 million Constitution DAO).

So long as the bull market holds…

Name change + DAO creation + Marketing = $$$
Though if the bull market holds, we can probably raise enough money from just the DAO and avoid the memes.

It could be worth it to be honest, do we have any prototypes for the new logo etc