Razor Network x Mesa


Hello everyone.

I am Hrishikesh, founder, and CEO of Razor Network. I have been active in the crypto space since early 2016 and have previously worked multiple companies as a blockchain developer including ConsenSys. Razor network is a passion project of mine that grew to be a full-fledged project.

What is Razor Network?

Razor Network — is a fully decentralized, permissionless oracle network. Our goal is maximum game-theoretical security.

Razor Network has been in design and development for over a year. Our testnet has been live on Goerli testnet for a few months and can be explored at (https://razorscan.io)
Razor will be available on the Ethereum mainnet as well as other platforms. We have partnered with SKALE, Matic, and Persistence.

We are also building a synthetic asset application called DeltaOne, which is currently in alpha. It utilizes Razor Oracle for price feeds.

What is SCH?
SCH, or Schells, is the native utility token of the Razor Ecosystem. SCH is required to become a staker in the oracle network.
SCH is an ERC20 token on Ethereum mainnet. It is not released yet. We are planning to launch it, add it on gnosis protocol, and then fork the mesa frontend to add it there. This will make it easier for users to purchase our token. Adding our token on the mesa frontend on mesa.eth.link will be ideal.

We are planning to conduct a token sale on Mesa using a sigmoid curve. Detailed tokenomics will be public soon.

Public sale

Additional Resources

Razor <> Mesa <> DXswap

We are very impressed by the decentralized and permissionless nature of Mesa, along with fairness, transparency, frontrunning protection, and other security considerations. It resonates with our vision of a wholly permissionless and decentralized oracle. Our community will appreciate the use of Mesa for our sale.

We will promote Mesa, dxDao, dxSwap, and on our social media. After dxSwap is launched, we can potentially add liquidity of our token on dxSwap.

Our current estimation to start the auction is 1st October. We are trying to bring it earlier if possible.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Thank you.