Question on Dao wizard


Question: has created a dao wizard to create new daos. I think on daostack.

When I visited the the page:

It says the creation wizard is in Alpha, only for tech people.


  1. Does our Dao kitchen method matches this dao wizard? Meaning : if we fill in a dao kitchen template and get all the answers, can a tech person “simply” use the dao wizard and walk through the steps and then a dao is physycally created?

  2. Dao kitchen online form. I’m thinking og a proposal to convert the dao kitchen into an online google from. All the questions one on one into a form. Then if we insert the dao ideas on dao kitchen templates in the form we have a spreadsheet available for everybody. We can use this spreadsheet to populate the dao wizard. Is this a good idea?

  3. Is it possible to have dao wizard but not on main chain but on a test chain? Then we could test creating daos on the test chain. I like to experiment. If we we use a test chain then we can quickly test dao ideas without conflickting with mainchain. Is this a good idea?

Is there a testchain where dao wizard can be hooked on ?

  1. User interface. I can easily map some user interfaces for iphone for daostack. I think the iserinterface needs to be mobile friendly. If I create some mockups of user interfaces for Alchemy, or for dao wizard, will they be used?