Question on Dao wizard

Question: has created a dao wizard to create new daos. I think on daostack.

When I visited the the page:

It says the creation wizard is in Alpha, only for tech people.


  1. Does our Dao kitchen method matches this dao wizard? Meaning : if we fill in a dao kitchen template and get all the answers, can a tech person “simply” use the dao wizard and walk through the steps and then a dao is physycally created?

  2. Dao kitchen online form. I’m thinking og a proposal to convert the dao kitchen into an online google from. All the questions one on one into a form. Then if we insert the dao ideas on dao kitchen templates in the form we have a spreadsheet available for everybody. We can use this spreadsheet to populate the dao wizard. Is this a good idea?

  3. Is it possible to have dao wizard but not on main chain but on a test chain? Then we could test creating daos on the test chain. I like to experiment. If we we use a test chain then we can quickly test dao ideas without conflickting with mainchain. Is this a good idea?

Is there a testchain where dao wizard can be hooked on ?

  1. User interface. I can easily map some user interfaces for iphone for daostack. I think the iserinterface needs to be mobile friendly. If I create some mockups of user interfaces for Alchemy, or for dao wizard, will they be used?

Hey Runy,

  1. The DAO Kitchen does not directly map to the DAO wizard. DAO kitchen considers a lot of off-chain / qualitative questions like the DAO’s purpose, communication platforms, performance indicators, funding etc.

The only part that could map to the DAO wizard is the right half of the “Governance Elements” page.

There are also parameters that are not addressed by the DAO kitchen, such as: addresses, reputation and token distribution among founders; voting machine parameters for schemes other than contribution rewards such as Generic Scheme or Upgrade Scheme.

  1. I’m not sure if such a google form would be useful since the DAO kitchen is meant as more of a visual brainstorming tool than a strict parameterization. Although it could be useful to have a digital version of the DAO Kitchen for brainstorming purposes.

  2. Yes, dOrg’s DAO creator works on all the major testnets to my knowledge (Kovan, Rinkeby, Ropsten). Just make sure your metamask is set to one of these before you launch the dapp.

  3. dOrg has no plans to move the DAO creator to mobile any time soon, but I cannot speak for the Alchemy team.