Quarterly Guild Updates and Q2 Funding proposal

In the fall, DXdao approved the Phase 2 Restructuring Proposal, which moved DXdao to a half-year guild-based budgetary system. That process produced funding for five DXdao guilds for 1H2023 (DXgov, Carrot, Swapr, Operations and Voice). These budgets included regular and contingency costs as well as specific goals, responsibilities and milestones that each of the guilds were expected to complete in 1H2023.

Q1 updates
The Guilds tenure is supposed to cover the entire 1H2023, and they will have to produce a new budget with goals and responsibilities for 2H2023 and costs that are in line with DXdao’s funding capabilities.

Guilds are planning updates to governance on their progress. These should include a forum post as well as a quick Q&A on a call of your choice (maybe even some slides!). For timing purposes, please have Q1 updates completed by April 15

Q2 funding proposal
For 1H2023, the guild budgets were approved individually through signal proposals on Gnosis Chain, and then there was a single funding proposal that sent all of the Guilds’ Q1 funds to DXdao Multichain Multisig, which then bridged it over to Gnosis Chain and deposited into each of the guilds/multisigs.

Given guilds are still running on Gnosis Chain and not mainnet (except DXgov), I think this same quarterly funding proposal process makes sense. This will aim to be submitted on-chain around April 1 so guilds can be funded for Q2.


As a followup to this, the basic template for each Guild should be:

  • A progress report of the Guild’s goals, milestones and responsibilities laid out in the approved 1H2023 budgets
  • Unexpected items that came up during Q1 that were not planned for (i.e. USDC depeg ; ) )
  • Rundown of contingency items that were approved in Q1, along with incurred regular expenses

I can help on the last one. It all should be on-chain.

Let me know if there are any questions.

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