Proposals Tracking: could it be automated?

Great discussion we`re having on Accountability WG. Let me share the point in brief.

The idea was to decentralize accountability issues totally by:
(a) setting tools of proposals` key features automated tracking, and
(b) incentivizing community members to enforce accountability.

During continious discussion part (a) was screened out for the following reason -
no tools of automated proposal tracking are at hand nor even imaginable they are.

Final version of respective draft proposal consistent of part (b) you can find here -

TBH Im not yet satisfied with it. Incentivizing community members without giving them some tools of proposals tracking may be inefficient: rarely one (even being incentivized with possible gen/rep reward) will manually scrutinize ongoing flow of proposal`s implementation, question proposals perfomers about status of deliverables and then drill into mismatches.

The question stays -
Really no automated tools could be built to track key features of any proposal like funding milestones, timing and deliverables?


Absolutely! Just published in report about it:
“But actually we could call them DaO. As accountability, data management and automation are the key systems that should be automated.”


A couple thoughts:

  1. I believe that point (a) above is only a temporary challenge, and that it will be possible to “automate” proposal tracking within Alchemy. This would be something cool to map out in more detail. I’m a fan of using prediction markets, but there are likely many ways to do this.

  2. In regards to your concern “Incentivizing community members without giving them some tools of proposals tracking”: I have a couple thoughts.
    a) I think we just need to put a bounty rewarding the identification of complete and incomplete proposals, along with some guidelines. What is a fair amount for this bounty?
    b) It would be useful to “see” the status of these past proposals in Alchemy, but for the time being, we can’t. As an interim solution, I can create a simple spreadsheet where we can see the status of past proposals.