Proposal: Zoran's First dxDAO Bounty "Article - Introducing Rails.eth"

Hey everyone,

I’m a newcomer to dxDAO and this is going to be my first proposal on Alchemy if it passes here on the forums. I discovered dxDAO on DAO Rush Week, loved John Kelleher’s presentation and hopped on Keybase instantly. He introduced me to Ingamar, who delegated me to write an article about Rails, the upcoming Layer 2 solution created by Loopring and dxDAO.

The article has been completed and it is set to be published together with Rails going live.

The process looked as follows:

  • Created an outline for Ingamar’s verification. (Sep 1)
  • Interviewed Matthew Finestone and Federico Luzzi to get details regarding Rails and Loopring.
  • Created the first draft. (Sep 4)
  • Invited all involved to review the draft and provide suggestions/feedback.
  • Executed on the feedback. (Sep 7)
  • Others started making changes
  • Final polish before publishing (pending)

You can find the current form of the article here. It’s not yet published anywhere, but I doubt any significant changes will be necessary (and if they are, I’m still here).

The original bounty that I accepted looks like this:

However, I would love to start participating in dxDAO governance as well as get paid for my efforts, so I’m hoping that you will accept the following proposal.

In exchange for everything involved in writing the article, I request 1 ETH + 0.10% REP from dxDAO.

This will enable me to become a small part of governance, learn about REP and how it works, and also put food on the table. We are already moving forward with other tasks together with Ingamar, so I’m excited to continue to contribute to the dxDAO.

Finally, once the article is published by one of us, I will cover the news on my website ( and also pitch it to CryptoBriefing for potential coverage. (I’m a regular contributor to their publication and have direct access to their editors).

Thank you for taking the time to read through my proposal!

Please voice any concerns, praise, hate/love mail, or comfort me with silence.

If no issues are raised by Monday (28.09.2020) I will create a proposal on Alchemy.


I think 0.1% REP is pretty high for one article compared to the full time workers who are getting 0.1667% per month. Nevertheless, I will vote positive on your proposal because you are an active member on keybase which contributed already time and effort to push the DXdao forward.

Overall proposal looks great! Looking forward to your on-chain proposal!

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Thank you so much for the feedback. I’m still figuring out how things work, and how to value REP specifically. At the core, this is my first time interacting with a DAO and I’m excited at the prospect of becoming a part of DXdao.

Thank you for bringing the disparity to my attention and to add some more value to the proposal, I will also write 2 PR articles for Ingamar to pitch to news publishers, and hopefully make his life a little bit easier. These should be complete by the time Rails promotion is ready to go live.