Proposal: Uniting the DAO ecosystem


Create a shared grants DAO to fund work that has a collective shared benefit to the entire DAO ecosystem.

tldr; solve the DAO ecosystem’s own tragedy of the commons with its own tools


  • DAOStack 20 ETH
  • Aragon 20 ETH
  • MetaCartel 20 ETH

The collective value of being together is far greater than us working insolation.


  • Initially, all funds get matched funding from all sides
  • Uses a Moloch v2 DAO to manage funds (if any party believes that they aren’t getting value out of it, they can ragequit)

The focus of grants?

  • Educational material
  • DAO Hackathons
  • Events eg. DAO Rush Week
  • Research & analysis / community-wide surveys

If you are interested in this, join this telegram chat:

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There is a critical need for a DAO handbook - something like Gitlab’s open handbook modified for DAO operations. I’d strongly advise this be the first project for a shared fund with bounties provided for completing portions of the handbook.

We need a DAO handbook for:

  • Improved financial insight into DAO operations.
  • Faster evaluation of proposals through standardization.
  • Faster creation of proposals through standardization.
  • Better metrics for evaluating proposal performance.
  • Methodologies for bringing under performing proposals back on track.
  • Budget delegation to reduce cognitive load on voters.
  • Cybersecurity incident response plans.
  • Procedures and budgeting for: Support, product, engineering, sales, marketing, finance and financial audits, security, etc.

While it’s not really covering all of these aspects, the closest to such a DAO handbook I’m aware of is MakerDao’s Community Development guide. If there’s something else out there, even if incomplete, please share!

We need to stop acting in a disorganized fashion and start applying lessons from the 400 years of corporate governance to decentralized orgs. We’ve built the technology for the next generation of governance. Let’s take the next step and start outcompeting legacy orgs by stealing their good ideas and improving them through better governance.


I would like to provide a brief testimony for folks considering this initiative:

When I was at DAOstack, we provided 100 ETH as tribute to the Moloch DAO for these types of cross-ecosystem efforts. I was designated as the team’s representative to the Moloch comms channels for the purposes of oversight regarding the funds.

While in Moloch, I was subjected to a sociopathic level of bullying and personal harassment. Only one member of the Moloch DAO “ecosystem” took a stand against this behavior. The rest chose to ignore it, or worse, actively catalyzed this harassment against myself and DAOstack in Metacartel and other private channels. I have never received an apology, and this hateful behavior has never (to my knowledge) been publicly or privately condemned or disciplined.

It is my belief that neither DAOstack nor any DAO on its platform should attempt any collaborative initiatives with the Moloch ecosystem, including its overlapping members in the Metacartel. I believe their community builders lack the maturity necessary to meaningfully develop collaborative relationships. I explicitly identify Peter as one these problematic individuals, and given his active role in provoking this negative behavior in his ecosystem, see him as a poor community steward.

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It takes two to tango usually @papa_raw :slight_smile:

happy to put all animosity aside and work together.

For me, this isn’t about shifting animosity aside. I am not with DAOstack anymore, and I have no intention of working together with you — but I believe anybody who does give consideration to entering into a multi-stakeholder initiative with a Moloch representative should understand the history of personal harassment and mob tactics employed against critical voices viz-a-viz Moloch’s childish group-think.

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I don’t have visibility in the full history here, but I’m a proponent of DAO agnostic initiatives to practice what we preach within the small ecosystem we live. There’s no reason to compete (nothing to compete over) and we really don’t have time to be anything but cooperative.

I know you both personally @papa_raw @pet3rpan… would hate for an initiative with real potential to sink before it started due to personal issues. I don’t recommend further discussion of this in this thread (take it elsewhere), this should focus on collective DAOism :hugs:


This is my exact point! Enough squabbling! More DAOs :crossed_swords:

And btw, I don’t want to actually want to run this thing. Just trying to make sure it happens.

If you are happy @papa_raw, I can even pre-ban myself from being part of the DAO haha if you want :wink:

But if your argument is specifically against the Moloch folks, then that sounds like unfair biased DAOcism to me. idk :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’d like to be clear, here:

  1. There was money that has (had?) been allocated by DAOstack to Moloch for this exact initiative in the past. If you’re looking for this funding, why not start there?

  2. These aren’t “personal” issues. I was a representative of a project, and I was the target of harassment because of my professional role.

  3. The way I was treated in Moloch was horrible, and while the person responsible was clearly acting out some underlying mental health issues, only one person stepped in to stop their behavior. Further catalyzing the conflict — as Peter did with some Metacartel folks — was the exact wrong way to respond to this behavior.

If you want to talk about this James, I’m happy to — you’re a smart guy that I highly respect. That being said, I have nothing kind to say about Peter.

If they harassed you, and specifically because of your professional role; how come daostack never ragequit their Moloch shares? :grimacing:

This is a good suggestion! Let’s think about it ~

Just to be clear, I wasn’t the one who harassed you in Moloch DAO. Seems like this anger is completely misplaced. I don’t work for Moloch DAO, I was a grantee. And I didn’t work for the person you are referring to nor was affiliated to him in a professional sense. Also Moloch DAO is just a DAO that is quite seperate from Moloch DAO smart contracts (that have its own dev community and many more DAOs using it independent from Moloch DAO)

I am not really sure what you mean by catalyzing the conflict? In fact, we have very few direct interactions side from a few non-volatile twitter tweets. Our personal direct one on one interactions have had no problems. I feel a tad like I am being picked on here for actions that I am not accountable for - happy to talk over anything or apologize to anything you want me to (no one is perfect, I might be unaware of what you are referring to) :slight_smile:

Hi Pat,

Sorry I was a dick to you. At the time I was going through a lot. I think I went through the closest thing to a psychotic break I’ve experienced, and was actively hostile to basically everyone, especially the people trying to criticize me. Until my “fall” I didn’t realize quite how visible I had become in the Ethereum community, and the stress of the social pressure to consistently operate as one would expect of a role model took its toll until I broke down.

I believe I still have a lot to offer (with work, not as any sort of leader) and so I’m glad that people have given me more chances to continue to contribute. It was great, for example, to sit with Matan for an hour or so at Eth Denver a few months ago (right before all the COVID-19 craziness) and provide some product feedback on DAOStack designs. I appreciate Peter giving me the opportunity to contribute the Moloch v2 code to power MetaCartel Ventures, and for coordinating our collaborative efforts with The LAO. And I’m grateful for the MetaCartel Ventures investors for being the first money in to support my most recent project, RAI, our fork of MakerDAO.

I’m hopeful that despite our personal issues, the DAOStack community doesn’t hold a grudge against the Moloch community, and that we can find ways of working productively together towards our shared long-term goals of enhancing humanity’s coordination potential. I hope you forgive me, or if that’s not an option I would just ask that you not try to cancel all of MolochDAO as an attempted retribution at me for our personal issues.


@ameensol, I’m humbled by your humble, sincere and beautiful post. :pray:

I also want to make it clear that I hold no negative feeling about any other DAO project and bless any attempt at cross-project collaboration.

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I appreciate the public apology, and hope you now understand fully the nature of your behavior. I’d strongly suggest you make a list of the people you “went after” during this period and make similar apologies to each and every one of them. I was clearly some sort of obsessive target in your head, and I’m sure there were other folks as well.

I believe I still have a lot to offer (with work, not as any sort of leader) …

And I believe this as well! I’m glad so many people believe in you and are willing to overlook your (very human) flaws — for as well as I know you, you seem like an exceptionally talented and charismatic person, and I strongly support your current activist efforts to take on MakerDAO and better democratize finance.

I’m hopeful that despite our personal issues, the DAOStack community doesn’t hold a grudge against the Moloch community… I would just ask that you not try to cancel all of MolochDAO as an attempted retribution at me for our personal issues.

For clarity, I don’t speak for the “DAOstack community,” and there wasn’t an ‘attempted retribution’ here — what I was offering was an honest testimonial from my experiences with overlapping Moloch/Metacartel folks, whose historical behavior represents their respective organizations. Facts matter when evaluating such a proposal, and I would offer the same testimonial in any professional business environment or conversation. The major difference here is that I’m publicly responding to a public proposal with the recommendation not to work together, instead of for instance privately addressing a curious hiring manager.

And for extra extra clarity: there isn’t really a “DAOstack community.” There’s a bunch of diverse folks here who use this platform architecture because it works for them as well as it can. Perhaps the most “DAOstack-like community” would be the Genesis Alpha while it existed, but even then, there was little to no alignment between Genesis folks and DAOstack ltd. (the company Matan runs).

It’s exceptionally hard to leave a negative review in public, and I don’t particularly enjoy it. Yet, I haven’t been dishonest in any respect here, so I’m comfortable in emphasizing that what I find distasteful is the people surrounding you who chose to do nothing or worse, upped the aggression during the time you put a personal target on my head. Peter was one of them, and I stand by my review of his poor character in this regard (this is not addressed at you). People can surely judge the merits of this review on their own.