Proposal to swap 50k wxDai to USDC

This proposal suggests swapping 50k wxDai to USDC in our Gnosis Chain treasury.

The swap will be performed through Curve and directly executed through the DXdao avatar, thanks to our generic multi calls. To do so, we will perform an atomic transaction which 1) approves 3pool to spend 50k wxDai. 2) Exchanges 50k wxDai to USDC.

Call details:

Call 1

wxDai contract: 0xe91D153E0b41518A2Ce8Dd3D7944Fa863463a97d

Function to call: approve

guy: 0x7f90122bf0700f9e7e1f688fe926940e8839f353
wad: 50000000000000000000000

Call 2

Curve 3pool contract (wxDai, USDC, USDT): 0x7f90122bf0700f9e7e1f688fe926940e8839f353

Function to call: exchange

i: 0 (wxDai)
j: 1 (USDC)
_dx: 50000000000000000000000
_min_dy: 49478309100

Note that the _min_dy parameter simply specifies the minimum amount of USDC we want in return, below which the trade will fail. The amount is the one the Curve front-end itself suggests on the trade. The order will always fill at the best price.


A test with a smaller amount has been successfully implemented here: DXvote.

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