Proposal to Sponsor The Global Governance Gathering (“GGG”) event by The DAOist

To kick off Devconnect in Amsterdam the week of April 18-25, 2022, The DAOist is having an event.

The Global Governance Gathering (“GGG”) will have two days on April 18th & 19th.

‍18th of April - Monday
The first day will be dedicated to manifesting intentional coordination between DAOs and will be attended only by people who work in and for DAOs daily. They will be provided with all the comfort to get to know each other and create together.

19th of April - Tuesday
The second day will be open to the public as usual. Talks, Discussion panels, Workshops, Art exhibitions, Chill zones, Working areas, Food & Beverage.

More details can be found here: The DAOist

This event plans to be another best in class event for DAOs.

DXdao participated in and supported The DAOist events in Paris and Lisbon.

I believe DXdao should lean into this opportunity to lead in the DAO space.

There are three sponsorship opportunities and DXdao can lead with Patron DAO level at a cost of $12k. This includes:

  • Talk and workshop (on day 2)
  • Online & Print visibility
  • Special activation
  • DAO table (on day 1)
  • 10 tickets (on day 1 and 2)

This will likely include additional governance power in Dawn. You can learn more about Dawn here: Dawn DAO

DXdao can also look into a deeper connection and leadership with the Dawn Ambassadorship package.

For now, it is important to reach some consensus on whether DXdao wants to continue to lean into this awesome DAO-focused event and lead with a top sponsorship.

The timing is quite sensitive so ideally we get to an onchain proposal soon.

Community feedback is welcome.


DXdao has a current goal to continue to become example setters and thought leaders in the DAO space especially around governance.

Participating in top quality events, having a strong DXdao presence, enabling contributors to share about DXdao and its governance methods has proven to be one of the strongest marketing tactics that DXdao has access to. It shows leadership and grows awareness of DXdao.

Additional quality sponsorship opportunities and getting DXdao contributors in speaking spots next to other top projects in the space is proving valuable. It’s hard to measure the exact value, but we can see it moving in the right direction so we should lean into these opportunities when it makes sense.


I support!

GGG and the DAOist are great places to talk about the current and future DXdao governance practices.
Previous events have also proven to be very fruitful for DXdao in terms of partnerships and interests into Gov2.0.

Do you support DXdao sponsoring The Global Governance Gathering (“GGG”) event by The DAOist at the Patron DAO level?
  • Yes, be a top sponsor!
  • Sponsor, but maybe some lower level
  • No, don’t sponsor at all

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