Proposal to Sponsor Copenhagen Flames eSports Org

This proposal suggests putting some efforts into long-term DXgov adoption in the eSports industry.


The eSports industry is an attractive target due to gamers and fans already being tech-native. In fact, a number of eSports organisations (orgs) have already onboarded some of their audience into web3 through the launch of NFTs. Moreover, top eSport teams are already sponsored by large crypto exchanges. Just to name a few:

Org Location Twitter Followers Sponsor
Team Liquid North America 737.9K Coinbase
TSM esports North America 2.2M FTX
Natus Vincere CIS 640k Bybit
Fntic Europe 1.6M

While most of the effort today from the eSports industry has been around crypto-exchange marketing and NFTs. There is a large gap in the market for governance. eSports is mostly driven by fan support. Twitch is infamous for thousands of fans chatting together during live games. Moreover, there have been a number of efforts by teams to give players ownership of part of orgs, as well as giving fans a say. The latter however, is mostly driven through centralised solutions such as - on which fans have spent upwards of $350M to date. Looking into the future I believe there is a strong opportunity for DXgov to be adopted in a wide range of scenarios. The core product, governance, is already something that is being actively developed at DXdao, so this effort wouldn’t require more protocol-level development - it’s rather looking for audiences who could eventually use DXvote. With the ability, in the long-term, to also use other DXdao products. Namely, Carrot for incentivizing, Aqua for raising funds, and Swapr for liquidity.

Most importantly, such an effort could be driven not only to work with large established orgs, but also to allow groups of friends to create a DAO team, which can be used to govern decision-making of the team as well as share prize winnings. Eventually, also being able to raise funds through a token sale, whereby a team would allow fans to purchase tokens in the DAO team.

While researching the market an opportunity arose to sponsor Copenhagen Flames (CPHFlames), an org based out of Denmark which competes in CSGO, FIFA and Fortnite. CPHFlames also organizes tournaments and recently qualified to the CSGO Major, which essentially is the World Championship of CSGO, a tournament which had a peak viewership of 2.7M fans, with a total of 72M hours watched throughout the tournament. CPHFlames also released a documentary about their journey at the major, which is definitely worth a watch.

Sponsorship opportunity

$100k, one-year sponsorship

The sponsorship includes a DXdao logo on their jersey, as well as CPHFlames creating content addressed at eSports fans educating them about what DAOs are and what an eSports DAO could look like, illustrating the concept of fan involvement to their audience.

Copenhagen Flames are also keen on doing some on-chain fan engagement, with possible votes and fan engagement taking place via proposals etc. through the creation of a fan DAO or Guild. All being down to the discretion of DXdao and when we think such a product can be delivered in a beta-stage (considering DXvote as alpha right now). Moreover, CPFlames are also very open to the concept of a DAO owned eSports team, expressing interest in potentially doing a DAO owned team for a new eSports game they could branch into.

Benefits to DXdao

DXdao would establish itself as a first mover into the eSports world, currently the overlap of eSports and Web3 is mostly NFTs and Crypto exchanges. DXdao would be here to bring the governance aspect.

In the short-term the sponsorship would raise awareness of DXdao in a wider audience that already has an overlap with Web3. It also allows us to give out jerseys as merchandise during conferences - which is also quite unique.

In the long-term, we would have the ability to work together with an established org, which is open to the ideas of DAOs and fan ownership, to drive DXgov adoption.


This proposal would request 102.5k (+2.5% for fees) from the DXdao treasury, to secure the sponsorship. This sponsorship would be facilitated on behalf of Decentral Labs LLC.


Since Dave began planning this initiative a few months ago I’ve been following it along and considering it from a DXgov perspective. Joining the call with Copenhagen Flames made me even more bullish on the idea as they seem to be eager to experiment and already align well with the transparent values core to DXdao.

Beyond of course the great potential from a marketing point of view this would be an amazing opportunity for DXgov. Without going into great detail here the opportunities discussed around DAOs in eSports aligns very well already with what we are aiming to build out in DXgov, initially with guilds and then eventually with Gov 2.0.

I fully support this proposal and cant wait to see what we could do alongside Copenhagen Flames and in the eSports space more generally.


This is a super interesting idea that several of us have been chatting about in the DXdao keybase groups.

In general I think gaming and crypto is an amazing collaboration opportunity. Gamers and crypto people are both internet native, hang out in similar places (Reddit, discord) and are early adopters of tech. There is definitely some anti movement against NFTs, environmental stuff, and “they took our GPUs”, but the basis of DAOs and the ownership economy, we (web3) and DXdao in specific building has compelling value proposition for the gaming industry.

(Side note here: imo “Crypto Gaming” is currently going down a wrong path with P2E and scarcity based NFT games, it won’t end well)

The concept of DAOs as fanclubs also has successful track record with socios, but it will probably be easier to bring already digitally native Gamers over Paris Saint Germain Football fans. (Who will be easier to teach using metamask?)

I will support this proposal but I would want to see some things we can get out of it, as Ross mentioned, we could pursue a version of using DXvote for fanclubs and trying to onboard gaming fanclubs into a DXvote on a rollup.

I would add more in the line of goals, or avenues and things we want to achieve to the benefits section.

P.S. I would totally sponsor a gun skin in any game called the trabuco de descentralización


The more I learn about this opportunity, the more excited I get.

To @nylon’s point, some things that I would like to see come out of this opportunity:

  • A tech savvy, but non-cryptonative community using DXvote technology (ERC20 guilds or REP based system) to govern together as a community. This may not be financial decisions at first, but could direct the team’s behaviors and decisions.

  • DXvote ERC20 guilds are pushed forward in order to enable this use case. These can be used for Web3 communities but also help enable and onboard non-Web3 communities

  • DXdao governance technology becomes more widely known in the space as useful tooling for DAOs/communities.

  • DXdao general awareness grows in the Web3 space. And attract new community members creating value.

  • DXdao sponsorship of eSports team alongside close collaboration becomes known as a “first of its kind” (Always valuable to lead. I think more of these arrangements will follow) We want to be the first.

  • Tie in many other DXdao products. Aqua for fan tokens/NFTs. Omen for related prediction markets. And More!



My name is Daniel Vorborg, and I’m one of the owners and director of esport at Copenhagen Flames.
The club was founded with a vision of being for the fans.
We pride ourself on our transparency, closeness with the fans and how involved we get in the communities, through both engagement but also real action like creating and hosting tournaments.

Working with a dao is an exciting prospect for us, as we see it aligning with our values as a club. We’re constantly looking at how to create the best experience for our fans, and this opportunity could be an incredible next step in those efforts.