Proposal to Request Recruiting Funds [DRAFT]

Below is a draft proposal outlining a request for recruiting funds at DXdao.


To aid the efforts to grow our community, DXdao should take every opportunity to bring attention to our open contributor positions. The Contributor UX is suggesting DXdao allocate up to $2,000 a month to feature our open contributor positions on job boards, newsletters, podcasts, etc.


Feature locations and costs include but not limited to:

Contributor UX will be responsible for ensuring open contributor positions are posted and potentially featured on the appropriate job boards, newsletters, podcasts, and mediums. The Contributor UX will also take responsibility for communicating the outcomes and effectiveness of these postings. In addition, the Contributor UX will be responsible for providing invoices of position features and allocating funds through a monthly or bi-monthly onchain proposal to aforementioned sites.

To start, Contributor UX will be featuring the Senior Web3 Developer position across above mentioned locations. More details around this technical role, and our other open contributor positions can be found here.

Any feedback and suggestions are welcome. Please also comment if there are any other job boards/locations that would be helpful for DXdao to post their open contributor positions in as well.


The potential gains from this should far outweigh any expenditure, so I’m happy to see this put to practice.
There could eventually be some spam that the Contributor UX squad might have to deal with, but with some a/b testing, we should be able to figure our what’s best.
Indirectly, this will also help spread the word about DXdao, so it will be good for publicity.


Signal proposal is live!

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Awesome - for the next round we should also take a look into hackernews as a platform to advertise positions.