Proposal to Fund Omen Marketing Video


Fund an Omen landing page and marketing animation video in lieu of the Omen Guild launch. Cost $13,295.63, estimated completion is the third week of July 2021.


In the coming months, Omen will launch the Omen Guild and launch the genesis of the OMN token. The purpose of this launch is to increase the community of prediction market enthusiasts that govern and participate in Omen.

Though prediction markets have been around for a couple of years, how they function and their basic use case is still novel to a vast majority of the DeFi and crypto communities.


DXdao has received a quote from Ilio, a design studio with a focus on motion design. Ilio has worked with other crypto and fintech projects before and is available in approximately two weeks to start work on a 60-second video animation that explains the vision of Omen. The project will be completed by the third week of July.

@pulpmachina initially found Ilio and requested a quote for the Omen video project, and, for the past month, I’ve been in communication with Ilio regarding the video. With the assistance of @corkus, I will be coordinating with Ilio to explain what we’d like to have in the video to describe how Omen works as a prediction market and the potential of Omen in the prediction market space.


In order to start work, Ilio needs to receive the first 50% payment for the video, approximately $6,647.82.

I am requesting full funding for the video, $13,295.63 (converted from Euros), with an expectation to request the first payment with an on-chain proposal and to then request the second payment near the completion of the project with a second on-chain proposal in mid-July 2021.

I’d also like to note that this is a great example of the type of project that a marketing multisig could request funding for in advance, along with other earmarked marketing budget items, and then pay-out the second half of the payment near the project’s completion.


After waiting for additional feedback on the funding signal proposal, this has been posted on-chain for a formal proposal. See here.

Please note I confused the payment total in my initial post – thinking the invoice was for 9980€, but the invoice was actually for 10,980€. I am updating this proposal to reflect those numbers. Sorry for the confusion. 10,980€ converted to USD at current rates on 6.13.21 is $13,295.63 (Source google).

The amount requested in the on-chain proposal is: 6,667.82 xDAI, which is 6,647.82 xDAI plus a coverage of 20 xDAI of international wire fees.

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