Proposal to convert Stake tokens to GNO

This proposals suggest transferring the 7.8k Stake in the Gnosis Chain (GC) treasury to the DXdao MS: 0x9467dcFD4519287e3878C018c02f5670465a9003 to swap these into GNO tokens.

The MS will swap the tokens on and return the GNO to the DXdao GC treasury.


Transfer of these funds relies on the multi-sig.


Worth noting:

The snapshot for GNO holders to receive the Cowswap airdrop is set to January 9th. Unsure how the claim process will work or if its a distribution, but it may be worth:

a) Expediting the proposal to complete the swap before the 9th, and;
b) Holding the GNO in the multi-sig until after the snapshot before returning the GNO, so the multi-sig can claim the MEVprotection airdrop (to be sent to DXdao once available).

If anyone has any information I may be missing on the claiming process it would be great to hear, but I have doubts that the DXdao avatar could claim tokens provided it is a claim-drop and not a direct air-drop.


a) this is Gnosis Chain, so the proposal will take just 5 days total. So we’re good with timing.
b) we are able to claim any airdrop through the generic multicall on GC. So it’s not really necessary to retain the GNO in the MS.


Very nice, thanks for clearing this up!

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