Proposal Template for FestDAO meetups

Markdown Template v1.0

I recommend using markdown as much as possible so that all the proposal info is on-chain. Then your proposal is truly auditable & showcase-able, forever.

The “description” field of the “create proposal” popup in DAOstack supports markdown, so please use it. is a nice markdown editor to create your draft proposal for instance.

Template for the “title” field:

[type of activity] in [City Name] ([Full Date or just Month+Year])

For example:

  • DAOfest Quest in Curacao (December 19th 2019)
  • Decentralized Organization Meetup in Zurich (February 2020)
  • DAO Workshop in Vancouver (March 2020)

Template for the “description” field:

[one-line meetup intro  + add link to the meetup group + add link to the meetup event if already created]

### Context

[Mention any related meetup you organized in the past]
[Description of the local community]

This meetup is part of [**DAOfest**](, hence [**FestDAO**]( a global network of events on the topics of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.

### Goals

Minimum amount of attendants targeted: 15

[Description of what you aim to achieve with the meetup]

### Budget & Responsibilities

Total Budget = [xxx] DAI

|        Title        |   Description                                    |   Lead                      |    Budget     |
| Food & Drinks       |           [description]                          |        [lead name]          |   [xxx] DAI   |
| Meetup Coordination |           [description]                          |        [lead name]          |   [xxx] DAI   |
| Report to the outside world |   [daofest feedback form + else?]        |        [lead name]          |   [xxx] DAI   |
| Travel expenses     |  [City1] <-> [City2] + public transports + food  |      [traveler name]        |   [xxx] DAI   |
| Venue               |           [Venue Name]                           |        [lead name]          |   [xxx] DAI   |
| [title]             |           [description]                          |        [lead name]          |   [xxx] DAI   |
| [title]             |           [description]                          |        [lead name]          |   [xxx] DAI   |

#### Finally

If there are any funds left after the event, we will send them back to the wallet of the Genesis DAO.

For the table below “Budget & Responsibilities”, it’s important you fill out everything even if daofest do not pay for it. This helps everyone have a clearer picture of all the effort that went into organizing the event. For instance:

  • if the venue is provided for free then in the description write "venue provided for free by [name of sponsor or venue provider]
  • if the food & drinks I provided by a sponsor, then in the description write “food & drinks will be provided by [sponsor name]”
  • if no travel expense needed, again feel free to explain why. i.e. speaker’s company [company name] is taking care of her/his travel expense

Warning: you cannot edit the proposal once it’s submitted

It is recommended to ask for feedback before submitting the proposal - i.e. post draft version of your proposal on this very forum.

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