[Proposal] Splitting the landing page and the continuous fundraiser

Hey everyone,

I am proposing to split the landing page and the continuous fundraiser application into two separat projects as it is easier to maintain both of those projects and with that release potential updates.

Dxdao.eth is the most important domain for the DXdao which may replace governance via alchemy and be the source of truth about its projects, its members and especially about the DXdao on-chain system itself. The landing page will redirect to the continuous fundraiser application the same way as it routs to it via the “Invest” button right now.

The fundraiser application could live on invest.dxdao.eth, as subdomain from dxdao.eth.

Next steps could be:
[Proposal A] Propose a subdomain invest.dxdao.eth :white_check_mark:
[Proposal B] Set newest public resolver to invest.dxdao.eth
[Proposal C] Enable invest.dxdao.eth resolve to the continuous fundraiser
[Proposal C] Enable dxdao.eth resolve to only the landing page
[Proposal D] Update dxdao.eth to newest public resolver.



“trade” sounds like the wrong word for it. you can’t compare the investment platform to a DEX, as there is no order book. it will cause some misconception.

getting to the application should require the user going through some information about this DAO. it’s a little too easily placed.


I like the idea of gating the investment interface with some educational material. It might be problematic to implement traditional web2 gates that track whether or not you’ve accepted some terms or whatnot, but maybe the same effect can be achieved through the navigation. Perhaps maybe the most prominent link to “Invest” could direct the user to information, and from there link to the investment page.

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Great thoughts @ingalandia. What about renaming trade.dxdao.eth to invest.dxdao.eth ? Which makes it more clear that it is currently not an exchange where you can buy and sell but rather “invest/buy” only?


We could do a wizard which people need to go through to continue using the dapp like mycrypto is currently doing it:

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MyEtherWallet also has/had a wizard and seems like a useful tool for simpler onboarding


I agree with @ingalandia - trade is the wrong term here. It’s misleading and might lead people to sell dxd on the invetsment site when they really shouldn’t be doing so.

@corkus - invest.dxdao.eth is clear and direct. Also love the idea of the wizard!


Im in for invest.dxdao.eth !


I second the wizard format

Also perhaps fundraiser.dxdao.eth works even better distinguishes the investment platform from the secondary markets.

Let’s move on this soon.

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Fundraiser leads to thinking that it is a one time event. The continuous fundraiser application will be active for several years which signals that we should probably not use “fundraiser” for it.


A proposal has been made to create a subdomain for invest.dxdao.eth:

I did a simulation with tenderly:

looks good!