Proposal: softLedger - all-in-one Alchemy & Discourse integration

In the search for a pre-proposing space, accountability mechanisms, repository w/ search engine and a tagging system… we forgot about a very simple, effective and scalable solution: our own forum!

Tokens Requested

SAI: 548.19
Rep: 100

Description of the project

Right now our forum, the DAOtalk, runs on Discourse: a powerful open source solution. As a widely adopted and highly customizable discussion platform, Discourse has many plugins out there extending its functionality.

Since the beginning of our experiment, we’ve been struggling to understand our necessities as a community DAO, to outline possibilities, break them down into actionables and finally, to pursue and deliver impactful solutions.

After extensive research, I have found a composition of plugins, configurations and architecture to allow for all the four capabilities listed above (preproposing, accountability, search, tagging) to be implemented inside DAOtalk, with almost no extra coding necessary (but with plans for expansion).


Fully functional prototype with all 4 use cases described above, validated individually. Updates on telegram, deliveries on telegram and DAOtalk.

Deliverable Short description Time
Pre-proposing space A set of categories, tags and poll/voting to host healthy and effective preproposing rituals up to 2 weeks (counting from this proposal approval)
Accountability module A set of tags, calendar and decentralized moderation to host the necessary checks and balances for a decentralized proposal tracking up to 1 week
Search engine A set of categories and a couple of proposal templates to leverage Discourse’s native search functionality up to 1 week
Tagging system Minimum viable tagging system Up to 1 week after proposal approval
Documentation A how-to for all above solutions Up to 1 week after previous deliveries
1 breakoutroom To review the documentation and discuss the deliverables next weekly call after last delivery

About Proposer/s

Pedro Parrachia, long term pollinator and DAOincubator member.

How can proposer guarantee results?

Very little coding is necessary and I’m comfortable with both setting a new forum instance and tweaking it’s setup. Having done extensive research of both the use cases and the current possibilities, I could say this is a big task but not as complex as it seems.

Deliverables are split in three, weekly batches. Each one will be validated individually and a breakoutroom will be hosted for updates and feedback.

Metrics for success

Have the prototype final specs implemented on DAOtalk and show mensurable impact on the forum activities. And have each validated use case being widely adopted by the community.

How does the proposal promote the DAO’s objective?

From the DAOtalk thread:

“the genDAO has 3 main objectives: This proposal is aligned with all three by:
1) Test and foster the use of alchemy and other DAOstack solutions. 2) Help develop the DAO ecosystem around those tools 3) Collaborate with the overall dgov landscape 1) greatly improving DAOtalk, DAOstack forum 2) each deliverable is relevant and can be replicated on other Alchy DAOs 3) offer a benchmark for softgov automation and decentralization for the entire field

Future iterations

Considering that all deliveries here are high-fidelity prototypes, a next step would be their implementation on DAOtalk, QA testing, and also include an education / awareness strategy.


  • DANk stack This proposal is part of a previously passed proposal outlining components for a Decentralized Accountability Network (DANk). And this mindmap points to how each layer of the proposed stack works.

  • What is Discourse? Discourse is the 100% open source discussion platform built for the next decade of the Internet. Use it as a mailing list, discussion forum, long-form chat room, and more!

  • Showcase: Huge list of other forums using Discourse

  • Discourse integrations + Extensive list of plugins 2 big lists, filled with many ready to use plugins

MVP - Stage I (proposal scope)

  • no more gdocs but DAOtalk posts

    • when submitting a proposal, instead of a gdocs, we either create a post just for that and link it or to an updated pre-proposal post
  • When a proposal changes state (boosting, flagging…) we manually update it

  • New, manually assigned tags: proposals by entities/ teams (dOrg, Greatherthan, DANk, other WGs)

  • New, manually assigned, categories(subcategories): preProposals -> Proposals(internal or external x financial or nonFinancial) -> passedProposals (executing x non executing) -> Archive

    • When it passes we manually move to a new category
    • preProposals posts could be archived after having its proposals submitted to Alchy, avoiding duplicates and for decluttering purposes

Stage II

  • Submit a proposal however you like,

    • A bot could crawl the dapp for new proposals and its state changes
      • when a proposal gets submitted a new post is created by this bot
  • ‌Community curated tagging system

luxury space communism - Stage III

  • In the future, an API should streamline and automate most things for us
    • Allowing for integrations with other platforms and clients
    • Realtime state changes upgrades
      • when a proposal gets pre-boosted it earns a tag/label, when boosted the tag/label changes.
  • Different proposal titles could trigger different actions in the forum
    • Tags, categories, taxonomy, notifications…
  • More optional fields when submitting proposals on Alchy
    • Like time!
      • Dynamic checkpoints and deadlines: countdowns updated after special interactions





Would this also include leapfrogging/abandoning Disqus to talk about a proposal? I hate that the discussion is in multiple places right now AND after the proposal resolves (pass or fail) it’s easy for that info to get lost/buried since it is connected to the proposal vs. represented in the forum.

Additionally, it would also be cool if Alchemy auto-posted the proposal to DAOTalk (including metadata such as REP and tokens requested, etc.)

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Yes! It’s part of the proposed roadmap. the scope of this proposal is offering a Proof of Concept of such features. But it would be up to DAOstack integrating them or someone else. I believe there was at least a couple ppl trying to integrate Alchy and Discourse.
My intention here is to test how we could do those things in a sandbox, rather than jumping to implement in production and fix on the way. Saving us time and from a whole lot of frustration.

Hey @parrachia! I support this initiative and vote “For” on GenDAO Alchemy. Would be cool to highlight a bit on point #1 from the GenDAO objectives you have mentioned:

Recently before @Kate moved on there was a working group that established through several community calls the mission and principles and these passed by voting on GenDAO Alchemy’s instance.

Here’s a screenshot of the section from the Principles / Objective Miro board:

The OKR’s weren’t fully defined, but are on the Miro board too.

The main point that is important to emphasis is on utilizing GenDAO’s resources (funds, channels, brand assets etc) to increase economic activity using GENs. It is somewhat implied in “Foster the use of Alchemy and DAOstack solutions”, I just think it’s a point we were missing too often and much of the funds spent by GenDAO was not considering this aspect as a critical point.

Cheers and go forth!


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That’s great, thanks for the rich consideration! It is too late to amend the proposal but I’ll incorporate that in the execution for sure.