Proposal Queues in Alchemy

This is a simplified explanation about the proposal lifecycle in Alchemy.

There are 3 queues:

  1. Regular
  2. Pending
  3. Boosted

When submitting your proposal, you will see it appearing in the Regular Queue. Roughly speaking, the Regular Queue means your proposal needs absolute majority to pass & there is a 30 days countdown for all the votes to be done.

Your proposal will most likely never pass if it stays in this queue.

Thirty days might be too slow for you. But do not despair! You can shorten that amount of time to about 4 days by staking on your proposal: essentially by putting some funds at risk. You do that by going on your proposal, clicking on “Pass” & enter the relevant amount of GEN (cf image below for details). By staking these GENs, your proposal will go in the Pending Queue.

The Pending Queue has a 24h countdown, afterwards it will go to the Boosted Queue unless someone stakes against you.

The Boosted Queue lasts for 3 days & the proposal outcome switches to a relative majority system (i.e. even if a fraction of the members vote, it can still pass).

Recommended Read

Again, the explanation above is a simplified version of the Queue system used by Alchemy. If you want to know more, I invite you to read this:

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