Proposal "Polkadot professional blog for the Hispanic community"


Polkadot professional blog for the Hispanic community

The idea is to open a professional blog in medium like this Polkadot Medium to derive the publications I have melea Medium and what I will continue to do for the world of polkadot in Spanish in one professional blog with his own domain in the medium Blog.

Note: I think the costs will not rise to $ 90 for that request 100 DAI. At the end of the negotiations, I will publish the invoice and the total cost, if I have to return, or if I need more, I will request it in the same way. thanks

this was the proposal here Link

This is explained here about how to do it.

So I guess the DAI requested is for the fee you have to pay to medium to get a custom url?

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Yes, is just for pay the domain name.
Then for google and others searching machines is going to be more easy spreads the content.

If the propo need be done again, this actual can be vote no, and I can upload another bases on template and previously discussing here, in case is a better way or so. Im happy to do it again in that case

That makes sense.

You might want to use that Markdown Template (v1.0) next time you post a proposal. Makes it easier for you to break down the costs & tasks for your proposal.

Upvoted btw :slight_smile:

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