[Proposal] Payment for Dune Analytics Dashboard Bounty

Hello everyone! It’s been a great experience thus far talking to you all and learning more about Omen as I continue to mess around with more and more aspects of this product

As outlined by Sky’s initial bounty proposal, Bounty: Build a Dune Analytics Dashboard for Omen.eth, we have a completed Omen dashboard for your perusal here: https://explore.duneanalytics.com/dashboard/omen-stats

My proposal comments may be found here:

Look forward to hearing your thoughts on how those who have contributed to this may be able to earn to keep working on analytics work for the dao beyond the straight ETH bounty as outlined previously by Sky.



Hey @calchulus First, thanks for building the Omen Dune Dashboard. It looks great, and is valuable to the community. It’s even more comprehensive than we originally asked for.

Next, thanks for putting together this comprehensive thread around the completion process of the project. Overall, this was a great early experiment for whether DXdao can get much needed products/tools/actions completed with quality and quickness by floating a Bounty out there.
Also, thanks to everyone that came together to contribute to this project. Rewarding @kwiz32768 and also @Jefgenowitsch too is ideal.

I also like your openness to accept DXD, and help align long term incentives (I am not sure if the mechanism you describe is an ideal way to do it). You can just get paid in DXD, but would be interested in hearing other’s thoughts about your mechanism.

One detail to keep in mind is that ETH was around $240 when the bounty was created, but ETH can go up and down, so that’s another debate.

Overall, I am supportive of the reward.

Having you become part of the DXdao community is the most important thing in my mind. And would love to have you rewarded with some starter REP as well.



Hey @calchulus thanks for the dashboard and the the proposal document.

Just to summarize, you did 50 hours of SQL and data organization for the dashboard to fulfill the 10 ETH proposed bounty, and suggesting @kwiz32768 receive 1 ETH for contributing. There may be an additional of 10 hours of work to update the dashboard over the next few months.

And then the question of how this compensation is divided amongst ETH/DXD/REP. There are no standards yet, although the worker’s compensation guidelines do call for DXD vesting for regular workers. Are there limits or minimums for ETH or DXD payments?
Similarly, there is no default percentage of REP, but Sky’s thread about Biz Dev and Product focused REP is a good start.

It’s important for the community to standardize this process moving forward as new community members may be hesitant to ask or submit a proposal. It would be nice to have a fill in template for a bounty or other small compensation proposals.

It would also be great to brainstorm other ideas for Dune dashboards, perhaps something to discuss on Monday’s Biz Dev call.

Other thoughts?


@calchulus thanks for your work. I think asking 11 ETH and 1000 dxDAO REP is fair deal. I hope you are interesting taking part in dxDAO life.


Great work and I would support the proposal as outlined, i.e. 11 ETH and some REP.

DXD could also be interesting. Maybe that could be a bonus when you follow through on maintaining it over the next couple weeks. Some of the numbers might still need vetting/tweaking and there could be requests by consumers of the dashboard. The buying from the curve option is interesting but I think it would make more sense to issue DXD from the DXdao treasury which is continuously, over three years, being released DXD from the 100K DXD lockup.

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Looking forward to the call @Powers

I think John’s idea is appealing as well - that I can be longterm maintainer of this dashboard in return for DXD as it vests.

@ykplayer8 mentioned 1000 REP - what is that in comparison to some other bounty completers, etc. ?

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Thank you @calchulus , @kwiz32768 , @Jefgenowitsch to get this important dashboard done so quickly!

To make it short: I support your proposal and I am bullish on having you guys join the DXdao as active members!

Thinking about an important Dashboard I believe would be the DXdao system itself. I would love to get an overview of:

  1. How much money is flowing in and out!
  2. How much REP got issues to whom!
  3. How much REP was burned
  4. Member list
  5. Distribution of REP
  6. Voter participation
  7. Proposal count (failed and approved)

For stats about DXdao, worth mentioning DeepDAO as a reference since they have some stats on various DAOs, including DXdao: http://deepdao.world/#/deepdao/dashboard

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Great ideas @corkus @JohnKelleher, ill start writing up some thoughts and see if we can get these done :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone I have officially submitted the proposal to the daostack and would appreciate your votes on this. Thanks!