Proposal: Organize a DAO workshop in Trinidad and test the waters for a pan-caribbean DAO

Hi Pollinators,

Check out the Proposal in Alchemy

After successfully hosting the 2-day DAO workshop in #daos:curacao and making good progress with the CuraDAO we received an invite from Anja from DGOV to co-host a similar event in Trinidad & Tobago.

Short Pitch
Organize and host a blockchain & DAO event in Trinidad and Tobago on June 7th, 2019. During the event, we will have a presentation about Genesis/Alchemy and facilitate a DAO workshop using the DAOcanvas to design the TriniDAO. In addition, we will meet and brainstorm together with various Blockchain movements in the region to test the waters for a regional Blockchain development DAO.

</end pitch>

As part of the DANK (former ATF) I’ve brainstormed extensively about accountability. Proposal tracking isn’t happening consistently anymore as is takes a lot of manual work. To better prepare the proposals for future automatization I decided to create this proposal in Sheets.

I’ve added a couple of new parameters (e.x. Proposal Type, DAO involved, FAQ) and included a dashboard that provides an overview of the status of the project. If you like/dislike the proposal outline please comment below.

Thanks for taking the time to go through the proposal and vote! Tips and suggestions are very welcome.

Cheers :desert_island:

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Hey @Luuk,

Love your deliverables but if I may make a request, I’d like to see the Canvas results.

Would you be willing to upload photos of the results to the Design group when finished?

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Hey @papa_raw,

Are you referring to the Canvas from the workshop in Curacao?

If yes you can find it in the CBW report or head over to the folder right away :slight_smile:

We will cover all learnings and share the results of the Canvas in Trinidad too! Thanks for all the support

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Yes, perfect, thank you!