[Proposal] Omen Version 1 - UI/UX Design and Product Management Reimbursement

Hey everyone!

Now that the launch of Omen is approaching, I want to request a reimbursement for my work on Omen - Version 1 which includes:

  • Omen logo/branding
  • Several iterations of Omen Version 1 UI/UX design specification and interactive mockups can be checked out in the Omen Overview
  • Product coordination and sync up meetings with Protofire (First call was on the 18th February)
  • Wrote a comprehensive overview of Omen V1 in collaboration with LevelK

It is important to point out that the work was done 4 weeks before me joining forces with LevelK and dOrg (Daotalk thread, approved by the Dxdao). At the time the DXdao had no funds, but now that the DXdao has raised some capital, I would like to offer these deliverables to the DXdao in return for the following compensation.

Final deliverables:

  • create a media/brand page on the landing page with svg/png for Omen/DXdao logos
  • Include a link to the open source figma files for Omen - Version 1 so any designer can pick up the work done in the past.

While the Version 1 designs have been finalized weeks ago, the design work for Version 2 is almost finished which will be shared in the coming weeks. Version 2 is part of the Full time commitment based on the proposal approved by the DXdao.


$7500 USD in Ether