[Proposal] Governance, Biz Dev and content focused REP request

This is my first proposal submission to the DXdao. Feedback is welcome.

I’m requesting 7,500 REP (0.6%) of REP for:

Newsletter articles on DXdao

Governance-related contributions

  • Helped start weekly Governance discussion, which is now in its 6th week. Each week, I write out an agenda before the meeting and post notes following the discussion. Past agenda and notes can be found under the Governance tag on DAOtalk.
  • Drafted two versions of DXdao budget. Budget v1 was an initial attempt to plan out upcoming costs. Budget v2 builds on this and lays out initial parameters for a REP inflation budget, treasury management and allocation and how DXD could be used as part of incentivization schemes.
  • Helped to contribute to manifesto being developed

Biz Dev contributions

  • Research into liquidity mining on other platforms and what that might mean for a DXD campaign
  • Brainstorm DXswap go to market
  • Provided feedback on optimal strategy for Mesa and Omen
  • Active member of DXbiz calls and frequent poster of latest news and commentary in the DXdao keybase

Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns. I will wait for community feedback before submitting a formal proposal.


With this appetite in one-two year time you will be owner of 100% REP.
You will need just 200 new articles, gov and biz contributions.

My recommendation is create DXD, as only one token for votes, rewards and revenue distribution, as by now DXD holders pay for all and if they have votes they will vote and contribute as well for more rewards in DXD.

At the beginning, we can have simple voting system using 3box where all can vote with they 0x addresses.
We will calculated how much DXD each address own and this will be fair, clean voting system, with initiatives to contribute and hold under Kleros supervision.

For people like you who contribute for sure need to have bounty but in DXD.

To have side “tokens” like REP is not fair for ealier investors and supporters as well as it will be big wall from new investment capital flow to Dxdao.

Today REP is for voting, DXD is for financial interest, but in future rep holders can vote against DXD interests. REP can vote for distribute to them 50% of DXD revenue or decide to not distribute any revenue at all for some period.

DXD must become main token for all Dxdao ecosystem, only in this way we can build fair voting system, community who contribute and new investment flow.

I submitted this proposal to Alchemy last week and it is available to vote:

I would appreciate everyone’s votes!

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I got my eye on it. Seeing if gas can go below $30 before I vote for it.


Same! I intend to vote in favor, hopefully when gas prices are favorable!

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