[Proposal] Governance, Biz Dev and Community request for worker compensation

Following on my last worker proposal, I am requesting compensation for work done for the DXdao from August 10 - September 21, so some of this scope of work has already been completed.

Scope of work:


  • Organize, set agenda and take notes for weekly governance calls, organized under #Governance tag. Be an active member of the forum (Powers) & keybase (powers_chris) and communicate governance updates to the community and ensure appropriate community input into governance decisions.
  • Budget:
    • Complete a new, updated budget to be presented to community by Aug 31, that includes 1)Treasury diversification 2) Guild (or department budgets)
    • Revenue Estimates - preliminary research on DXdao product fees
  • Documentation:
  • Governance as a service:
    • Explore this product and present findings to the community on September 9 Governance call
    • Work with developer team on governance upgrades
    • Help with efforts to participate in DMM governance

Strategy, Biz Dev and Product

  • Contribute to community conversations on product updates, business or partnership opportunities and product development across the forums, keybase and cals.
  • Mesa
    • Help marketing and technical teams on Mesa documentation and IDO guides
    • Answer market and strategy questions for projects considering Mesa
  • DXswap - run weekly meeting with community and technical team to build towards product launch. Call last week (with notes) and call week before (notes)
    • Strategy - work with community to develop plan for DXswap launch, including targeted trade pairs, liquidity mining initiatives, strategic positioning with integrations and brand and product help.
    • Content - write articles pertaining to the launch of DXswap, specifically “Forking Uniswap + Adding Governance” and an article detailing whatever liquidity mining strategy is determined
    • Partnerships - work with community to build integrations into DXswap from other projects


  • Participate in DAO rush week and help with efforts to attract high quality contributors to the DXdao
  • Help develop Chinese community by working with team to get more DXdao content into Chinese. Current plan (in Chinese)
  • Work with DXD holders and other DXdao partners on broader dissemination of DXdao and its products

Since this is the first time requesting monetary compensation in the form of ETH or DXD and in line with the worker compensation guidelines, I wanted to lay out my other professional qualifications:

  • 5 years consulting financial institutions on the Chinese market.
  • Vice President at BTC Media, which owns Bitcoin Magazine, Bitcoin conference and other Bitcoin-related media properties
  • Strategy at Concourse Open, which owns and operates DeFi Pulse, ETH Gas Station and DEX.AG
  • Author of Dose of DeFi newsletter, providing weekly commentary on decentralized finance to over 1000 subscribers since May 2019.

You can see more of my professional experience on my LinkedIn profile

Under the guidelines, I am identifying as a “Senior” worker with a commitment level of 4 and the scope of work is for 1.5 months, so I am requesting $6.5k + 0.25% REP. I would like it to be paid as $5.5k in ETH + $1000 DXD, with $2k of ETH paid at proposal approval and the remaining $3.5k when completed and DXD vesting normally or whatever the community standards for distribution are.

Feedback/comments welcome