Proposal - GIV listing on Mesa

Hello, I’m Jae, co-founder of CryptoLocally. I’m an engineer and I developed most of the backend for that platform. Very excited to share this project with the dxDAO community! You can find the on-chain proposal on Alchemy here.

Below is information regarding CryptoLocally (GIV). We would also love to present the project with the community on the weekly call.

GIV is the native token for CryptoLocally, a non-custodial, smart contract escrow based P2P fiat-crypto trading platform and fiat gateway to DeFi. We began developing CryptoLocally around a year ago and it is now a reputable product with over 15,000 users. We first integrated GIV as a utility token on CryptoLocally in order to incentivize trading. Users can get discounts on trading fees and boost their trade adverts with GIV. They can earn GIV by trading and staking GIV to earn interest. Within the next few months, we plan to launch GIVernance. This will allow GIV token holders to manage the platform by voting for listings, trading fees, token burns, and staking rewards on CryptoLocally. For more information on our project and roadmap, please take a look at our White Paper.

Total Supply: 1 Billion GIV
1% of the tokens (10M GIV) is currently in circulation. GIV was airdropped on Binance Chain when it was first issued over a year ago as a promise to the community for supporting our listing on Binance DEX.
21% of the tokens were allocated to seed investors with 6 month vesting starting at TGE (public sale).
9% of the tokens were allocated to private sale investors with a 9 month vesting schedule starting at TGE (public sale).
15% of the tokens are allocated to the team, who have a 3 year vesting schedule with a 1 year cliff.
5% of the tokens are allocated to advisors, who have a 2 year vesting schedule with a 6 month cliff.
The remainder of the tokens are allocated to marketing & partnerships, staking rewards, and foundation.
The breakdown can be seen in the pie chart below:

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