Proposal for Korean Crypto-Market


I am Hiromichi San, CEO of CryptopieGlobal Pte. Ltd. (a marketing agency in Korea)

I would like to know if you would like to explore a new market in Asia

There are many people that could be interested to invest in your project in Korea but they dont have detailed information about your project because of lack of awareness and language barrier.

We have partnership agreement with some best selected media page that as over 300M visits. We can post banners and articles in Korean langage.

Currently, we offer 3 packages of services for a duration of One month

๏ผ‘๏ผŽGold Package โ€” $1000 BTC/ETH
Posting banners and articles to three cryptocurrency medias for you. For example, coincode, a cryptocurrency news website we are managing, and tistory which is the 11th most visited website in Korea with a total view of over 120,000,000 visit

This includes these works
ใƒปTranslation of an article into Korean language
ใƒปAdjusting to requirements for posting depends on websites (such as banner size and word length.

  1. Silver Package โ€”$500 BTC/ETH
    Posting banners and articles to three cryptocurrency medias. coincode, a cryptocurrency news website we are managing, and cobak which has 1.1m million UU a month
  1. Platinum Package โ€”$1500 BTC/ETH
    In addition to the service of Gold Package, you can promote on dcinside which is the 8th most visited website in Korean with unique user of over 150,000,000 visits and you will get a lot of traffic and investors from here.

Kindly review and write back your preffered package choice for further discussion.

Name: Hiromichi San (CEO)
Email: info@cryptopieglobal(dot)com


I have spoken with Hiromichi San over telegram, consensus is that this is a very important initiative but we arenโ€™t quite in a position where this would provide value to DXdao.

Once our product suite begins to come online would be amazing, and I am looking forward to furthering communication with @Cryptopieglobal at that time.


Hello, I am contacting you for the followup of our proposal to promote your project popularity to the Asian crypto-market and to inform you that we are currently offering upto %30 discount off our service fee. When do you want us to start the work?

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