Proposal for DXventures Grant to EYWA


Proposal to make a $100,000 grant in USDC to EYWA through the DXventures program.

EYWA is a decentralized cross-chain protocol for transferring data and liquidity.

We have already launched the alpha version of the product (80k+ participating in alpha testing), and we are planning to connect with more networks this year.

We’re going to finish the alpha test by the end of the year. We will start testing the relayers network in Q1 2022. After that, we will run audits and launch to mainnet, this will be done in Q1-Q2 2022.

We are building a solution solving the interoperability issue as we believe that any application in the DeFi ecosystem will become a cross-chain app, so developers will not be going to build new apps for every single chain but will activate a cross-chain functionality inside ONE app to have access to 5-7 chains (or more) and this will become a new standard for the whole industry and would unlock a completely new set of applications that were previously not available and not possible, and that’s why we’re building this.

Proposal for DXventures Grant to EYWA

We’re offering 2,000,000 $EYWA tokens coming in as reward for its contribution. Vesting for 18 months with a 6 months cliff.

Here is the Eywa pitch deck, which has a lot of information on the project and market landscape.

Through this grant, DXdao will become a partner with EYWA in its mission to create a fully decentralized cross-chain data & liquidity protocol.

Next Steps

If the DXdao community signals interest in going forward with a $100,000 grant to Eywa, we will make an on-chain proposal for the grant.

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Thanks for posting, Leo. :+1: Give the community good time to review and discuss before following up.

Thanks Arhat! Sure, happy to answer any questions or jump on a Zoom call with the team.