Proposal: Final Feedback then -> Ratify the DXdao Manifesto

The DXdao has been talking about having its own Manifesto for quite a while now.

We started with a list of core beliefs of the DXdao, gathered from DXdao community members. Next, we created a written Manifesto v1.
Following that @Powers added a brief history of DXdao and some operational details, and we now have Manifesto v2.2

We have now discussed the Manifesto on multiple #governance calls and also the main DXdao call.
If you have any feedback, concerns or edits, please raise them here now.

In the next week, we will be moving to an Alchemy proposal to ratify the DXdao Manifesto which will then solidify it, and allow us to include it on our DXdao.eth site.



“DXdao believes that liquid democracy is better than delegative democracy.”

DXdao doesn’t use liquid democracy currently so wondering if this should be in the manifesto?

Yeah, we probably shouldn’t use that term.
Originally it was " Decentralized and slow is better than centralized and fast"
Then a suggested change was “Decentralized liquid slow democracy is better than delegative and fast democracy ? Actually I wont even call it slow, just liquid against delegative”

Latest version, v3.1:

First, delete ALL old posts / whitepapers / etc., by old Dxdao:

Dao talk:


Gnosis blog:

DAOstack - DutchX - Dxdao:

and many many more. do research please and delete before post new Manifesto.

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I agree it would be good to have outdated posts cleaned up. But most of them I believe are made by independent entities, so the best we can do is make requests to those entities or individuals to remove their outdated posts.


I wonder can $DXD ever become Yield farming governance token, that everybody will be talking about ?

What we must start doing now to achieve it :point_down:

  • clean mess
  • clear roadmap
  • clear whitepaper
  • separate team by projects
  • more power and use cases for DXD (vote, all transparent revenue to dxd, farming)
  • hire new talent people as as soon as possible
  • PUSH Omen MUCH HARDER as this is our only golden ticket today
  • Innovation
  • Interaction and integration with top crypto projects

What we start doing now to not achieve it :point_down:

  • Adding more unclarity on top of mess
  • Giving people too many responsibilities
  • Greedy 10%
  • Not supporting community

This Manifesto is for few top rep holders. You will not attract army of supporters and huge investors with such views. If you see that there is no feedback maybe need to change something in the core completely ?

This document is for the community, not us. Like post it on telegram & twitter and just collect feedback. It’s for those people that we made this anyway.

Hi all, please find the final-ish draft in PDF form.

Comments welcome here or on the governance call on Wednesday, afterwards, a formal proposal will be submitted to be ratified by REP holders.

[updated PDF aug 25]


The Manifesto has come a long way!


here’s the google doc version if you want to make any comments:


We are ready to IPFS hash it, propose it and ratify it!


Updated PDF!
Speak now or forever it will be enshrined on IPFS


Now on IPFS!
will prepare proposal once gas calms down


Vote to ratify the manifesto!

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