Proposal Draft: Carrot Awareness Activation During ETH week in Amsterdam (April 18-24, 2022)


For the past few weeks, the DXvoice team has been creating and discussing a potential Carrot campaign during ETH Amsterdam week.

The below proposal outlines most of the details

Activation Description: Create a fun, engaging experience using Carrot tokens that can generate community awareness of DXdao’s Carrot while seeking to achieve a marketing goal benefiting the DXdao community.


  1. Increase the number of people that are aware of Carrot.eth
  2. Get Carrot tokens into the hands of hundreds of new users
  3. Increase social media awareness of @DXdao_ using a targeted approach
  4. Create a fun engaging experience put on by DXdao during ETH Amsterdam week
  5. Test new incentive experiments using Carrot

Total Cost to DXdao for Carrot campaign: up to 50,000 wxDai (total payout can be anywhere from zero to 50,000 wxDai)

Description: Create QR codes that can be physically distributed to attendees that allow holders to claim 200 Carrot tokens.

Carrot token objective: “How many of the following 50 Twitter accounts will be following @DXdao_ by the end of April 24, 2022?”

Details: This campaign will pay out in the range of 1 to 50 follows, with no payout when the result is below 1 follow and increasing linear payout over the range with a full collateral payout when the result is 50 follows.

[Note: the list of Twitter accounts will be 50 top thought leaders in our space. Community feedback and ideas can help form this target list]


The current plan would be to print physical flyers that include all necessary information and unique token claim codes.

The plan will be for DXdao contributors to hand curate who will receive these flyers during ETH Amsterdam week.

There will be 225 codes with 200 claimable Carrot tokens, redeemable for a max of 45,000 wxDai.

Payout Examples:

If 1 account is following @DXdao_ then the Carrot tokens will be redeemable for 1,000 wxDai.

If 25 accounts are following @DXdao_ then the Carrot tokens will be redeemable for 25,000 wxDai.

If all 50 accounts are following @DXdao_ then the Carrot tokens will be redeemable for 50,000 wxDai.

Seed a Secondary Market on Swapr on Gnosis Chain

By creating a secondary market for these Carrot tokens from the start, it will give people an opportunity to sell out of or buy into this campaign creating additional dynamics.

With 5,000 Carrot tokens and 2,500 wxDai, create a Carrot <> wxDai pool on Swapr starting at a price of 0.50 wxDai per Carrot token.

Potential Outcomes :

Super successful: If all 50 accounts follow DXdao, and the full payout is reached, this will likely gain a lot of attention and DXdao Twitter will have an important new audience.

Successful: If something like half of the accounts follow DXdao, this will be somewhere in the middle.

Less successful: If only a small number of accounts follow DXdao, it will be disappointing but DXdao will only be paying out a small amount for this, and we’ll learn from it.

Funds to be requested in this proposal:

This proposal would request a total of 52,500 wxDai from xDXdao base on Gnosis Chain to the DXdao Dev Multichain Multisig on Gnosis Chain to be used in the set-up of the Carrot campaign (50,000 wxDai) and Swapr pool (2,500 wxDai).

Depending on current xDXdao base treasury funds, if wxDai isn’t available, we could do the proposal for USDC instead.

Any funds that do not pay out in the Carrot campaign will be returned to DXdao afterwards.

Community Poll:

Should DXdao proceed with the proposed campaign?

  • Yes, with the full $50k
  • Yes, but with some smaller amount
  • No, campaign not a good idea

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There appears to be general support for this Activation from the poll and there was also support during the DXbiz Weekly Gathering call on Monday.

Some additional details:

The plan is also to include some xDai “gas money” of 0.10 xDai into each claiming wallet, so there is a need to request an additional 50 wxDAI that will be unwrapped into xDai.

Breakdown of funds required:

  • Collateral for creating 50,000 Carrot tokens → 50,000 wxDAI
  • Capital for starting the wxDAI-Carrot token Swapr pool → 2,500 wxDAI
  • “Gas money” to be unwrapped into xDAI → 50 wxDAI
  • Total funds requested 52,550 wxDAI

A Carrot Activation Gnosis SAFE Multisig will be used to create the Carrot campaign tokens, fund the Swapr pool, fund the Linkdrop ‘gas tank’ with xDai and hold the Carrot tokens for Linkdrop distribution.

This Carrot Activation Gnosis SAFE Multisig lives on Gnosis Chain and has the same signers as the DXvoice MS (multichain) 3 of 5 owners.

Details here:

The proposal will request the funds to be sent this MS on Gnosis Chain: 0xbFdAc9b86A30237B87Af9AB09e825092184F9922

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