Proposal Discussion

We’ve just submitted the “Launching the CuraDAO - Collaborative Innovation DAO on the Caribbean island of Curaçao.” proposal to Genesis. :curacao:

TLDR: Check out the CuraDAO slide deck

This project is a direct result of the prior proposals DAO viability research Curaçaoo and (DAO workshop Curaçao Blockchain Week).

During the 2-day workshop hosted during the Curaçao Blockchain Week, we filled in the DAO creation canvases and drafted an outline for a potential CuraDAO. Now we’re turning this idea into a pilot that will run from July - December.

We’ve already gathered a community of ~50 individuals, from which 40 have already created a metamask account and registered to the CuraDAO. During the 5 month period, the CuraDAO will aim to create sustainable developments in Curacao and proof that DAOs are an effective form of organization.

The results of the pilot (outcomes and learnings) will be presented at a DAO track during the Innovation-Ç conference in December 2019 in Curaçao, which will hopefully be co-organized by the CuraDAO.

If you’re able to please go through the proposal on Alchemy.

The CuraDAO will help the GEN ecosystem grow, increase the collaborative intelligence in Genesis and empower a community in a small nation that is going through hard times to collectively have a positive impact.

Thanks for giving us hope! :curacao:

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Congratulations! Such a great project!

Worth reading for some meaningful and inspiring context:çao-a0cb4bb2088

Hey guys,

Pasting my comment from Alchemy here:

Hey @luuk I’m interested in what the revenue/financial model for CuraDAO is - will it be solely relying on Genesis, if so for what time period? I support new DAOs on DAOstack starting because that will mean more use of Gen…(and also because it’s a super great use case and I applaud your guys hard work) but I’m keen to talk more about financial sustainability -just as we are in Genesis. How will this be sustainable going forward after this initial 10eth injection?

I see that some of the funding requested is to support the launch with events, training etc and onboarding of members - the rest in reports back to Genesis - and some will be given to create non-rep based proposals? my preference would be to reduce the reporting from 60 hours to the minimum viable and increase the proposal funding.

I’m confused by non-rep - will the members of the CuraDAO not be utilising rep? Sorry if you’ve covered this in CuraDAO breakout rooms etc but it’s not clear to me…I see the 300 rep requested will be split between 3 Pollinators - would are your thoughts on the DAO proposing to have rep itself in the style of DOrg’s DAO rep workaround?…